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Assalamualikum , peace be upon to you .

I've found some interesting to share and this words from Ustaz Azhar Idrus , 

This is what he said 
'' Kita bimbang nanti Allah akan tanya , kita duduk di  sekian  sekian sekian haribulan sekian haribulan  , kamu lihat tak kemungkaran yang berada di depan mata kamu ? Apa yang kamu buat ?Adakah anda benci pada kemungkaran ? Apa kita nak jawap ? . 
Kalau kita duduk masjid , kira duduk surau , kita dok bertasbih  , kita akan di pertanggungjawap di hadapan Allah kerana membiarkan bumi kita penuh dengan maksiat  ,
 ' barangsiapa yang menyaksikan maksiat  dan kemungkaran di hadapan matanya , maka wajib diubah dengan tangannya (kuasa) , orang yang tidak ada kuasa wajib mengubah kemungkaran wajib mengubah dengan mulut dangan lidah (lisan ) , kalau lidah pun tidak dapat bersuara maka dengan hati kita benci pada maksiat yang banyak sekarang ini berlaku , benci maksiat dalam hati adalah iman paling lemah '
Adakah kita duduk dalam golong…


You said you like her but you not that truthfully like her You said you love her but not full of your heart  who do you think you are  easily to expressed and  easily to forget  how could you and  how cruel  you are
sincerely, the dumbest girl on earth who trust you

#Quick update 13

Currently  I 'm so busy with assignments .  Too many tasks that I need to finish it but there is also my fault ,  kinda person who loves to do 'last minute' work , so far okay lah but there is also have some lecturer who hard to predict  . Today we are asked to make a given topic, the next  day we were asked to change the topic. I'm tired to deal with this kind of man , if I can  I just want to  punch his face. Kedebush .

I'm already starting to miss to write poetry, but lack of time. I need sem break! .  Pray for me and Insyallah  I will write a poem back.

Good luck in life.

Short message  from me : do not think too much about what people say. Try to learn to be grateful for what you have and people who faithfully with you (ie family and friends) and you're still capable and still alive. Try to learn easy to smile to some strangers (not flirting way OK) .Try to love yourself, when you love yourself , believe  me there are others began to fall in love with  yo…

// trust

is not easy,  for me to trust people,  is not easy,  painful to swallow me alive,  chelate and brackish felt for many years,  is not easy,  to restore me back into myself,  feel what it is sweet after all this time , is not easy,  I want to forget the past,  dark story of me,.
dear you , is not that simple,  but you simply deny  my trust towards you .  
I was silent for a moment.  I was disappointed,  no words can,  reflect my frustrations on you  because you're not what I thought, 
I accept your apology says,  but this feeling  began to wilting and dying , began to feel empty,  still hurts and pain.  you simply pull down,  the trust wall I started to build .
sincerely, d.y.m.j


sometimes I hope ,  word and image,  from my mind,  go out and play in space,  let other people see,  see and understand,  not only see,  on a pair of my eyes,  that showing the light of joy,  you have been cheated,  with a pair of eyes.
sometimes I wish , my body is made of a transparent material,  so can you see,  what exactly fill my heart,  what is implied in my heart,  my heart is sick,  sad and dark,  too scared and too lonely,  but you only see,  I smile happily,  you have been cheated,  with a fake smile.
sometimes I hope ,  I was invisible,  no one knows about my existence,  my presence,  and no one knew me,  but you see me,  see my body  in a sea of ​​people,  crowded and noisy,  while myself,  feeling lonely,  very lonely,  extremely lonely,  fear in humans,  you have been cheated,  with these body parts.

you have been cheated, and continuously be fooled, and you believe, continue to believe, with the actions and movements of my body,  that was directed by my own feelings,…

Wishlist bottle .

So , hello there is been a while and first I want to thanked to my followers in feedspot for following my blog. I quite shocked about it because I don't have this feedspot account and when I checked based on my page viewers , my top view from feedspot second from google and third from my twitter account , well I already have followers on feedspot it's feel great and thank you, this makes me excited to write more even  I was not so great in the field of writing .

Ouh yeah , is been long time I'm not write poem right ? Now the holiday season, so the brain does not work very properly but I'll write it again.

Today I'm gonna shared something worth maybe , especially for single women or girl . You should be happy ,  why you need to grieve for a man, so much more to you to explore and learn. Look at the world, the world is waiting for you to visit, you just need to find and keep looking to enjoy the beauty of the world.

I do not mean that man is not important, important…


(skip introduction I'm suck ) 
Okay , what I've noticed a past few days . Pasal bertudung dengan tak , yeah it may sound cliche sampai bila-bila . Bila ada orang buat perangai yang tak senonoh dan dia pakai tudung ( ini sebagai contoh ) orang akan bash ' at least dia bertudung ' ' kau ingat orang pakai tudung tu baik sangat ke ?' pernah dengarkan alasan ney tak pernah lapuk . 
Aku bukan nak tekan kan atau nak menangkan mana-mana pihak , it just my humble opinions . So here some simple example . 
(Story time)
Budak A dengan budak B ada exam penting dekat dewan yang memang menetukan hidup mati dorang lah . Kalau lulus menjamin masa depan dorang , kalau fail for sure repeat la kn . So kalau nak masuk pintu dewan tu peraturan dia kena berpakaian kemas dan formal . Ada pengawas jaga dekat depan pintu tu . 
Budak A ney pakai pakaian formal , kemas yang amat tapi ilmu dekat kepala kurang , ye la sebab makan tido je kerja buku buat alas bantal . Hebat la konon tak bac…

Couple in Islam

Kita couple untuk apa ? suka -suka menghabiskan masa chat sana chat sini , nak pergi mana ? Seolah-olah kita macam hamster pusing sana tak sampai kemana . Kita bila sampai umur dah dewasa dah ada agama , dah ada ekonomi sikit mesti meneruskan perjalanan hidup kita sebab , bila kita umur 25 kita dah matang . Masa tu mesti kahwin dah ,masa tu . Tapi kalau kita duk couple tidak ada perkhawinan sia-sia , sabab tu saya beritahu ' kalau orang mula kenal kita (bagi wanita ) orang lelaki kenal kita dalam masa sebulan dia tak sebut langsung pun 'oh saya nak kahwin dengan awak ' 'saya nak jumpa keluarga'. Stop . Rugi masa .Habiskan bill . Habiskan prepaid . Habiskan masa sahaja . Ingat mesti kita couple mesti ke arah perkhawinan maka kita bersiap bersama-sama betulkan akidah tentukan ibadah solat al-fatiha tu biar betul akhlak tu biar lemah -lembut lagi .Akidah Ibadah .Amal tak cukup jangan sibuk nak couple . Sebab kita takut tengah couple kalau tak jaga hijab buat benda ha…

A message

Have you ever felt down with yourself , well for me almost all the time . Most girl will talk about beauty of someone that they see on social media especially on Instagram right ?. So do I , then you will stalk her profile stalk and stalk and sigh 'how pretty she is' ' how lucky she is ' then you felt down with yourself . We are in same boat girl , so do I . 
Majority they will talk about beauty , then relationship goal or whatsoever . Most girl will more stalk girls instagram ,  so do boys right ? That's why some people made ' pretty malay girl ' account  ' pretty  bla bla bla' then the caption said no boys allowed  but still  HAVE boys follow  that account and why that account is not on private ? . In my opinion some of this 'pretty bla bla ' account the account holders is a guy . 
I just don't get it ,how this account can exist. I'm not saying all the guy bad so do I'm a good person . Short advice  for the girls out there and…

#Quick update 12

We almost end of Ramadhan , then we will meet Shawwal . It's kindda sad that  Ramadhan almost leave us , I hope we can meet next holy month again for next year . 
So the journey of Ramadhan for this year ,*pause for sec .  Frankly talk  I am (not very ) satisfied with what I have done during the fasting month for this year compare to the last year  . Fasting month is about  we are trying to recognize our true self and control our  passions . What have I discovered about myself for almost a month  was (not very ) impressive, I just don't know .  I could not state the reasons why . It's pretty sad actually . But .. yeah . 
I might have realized what was less about me and what  need to change . Perhaps there is still have a space for me to change and to be a better and better person . I hope this Shawwal will give a new breath to start new trail . Yeah . Happy Eid Mubarak guys .

Actions speak louder than words .

To those people yang cakap  'kalau nak boikot baik kau boikot semua'

Self - Remainder

Alhamdulillah. 2 Ramadhan 1435 H.

Kelebihan wanita bukan dilihat dari kebimbangannya digoda orang di tepi jalan tetapi dilihat dari kebimbangan akan dirinya yang mengundang orang tergoda. Bukan dilihat dari sifat mesranya dalam bergaul tetapi dilihat dari sejauh mana dia mampu menjaga kehormatan dirinya ketika bergaul.

Alhamdulillah. 3 Ramadhan 1435H.

Sesungguhnya wanita ini akalnya pendek, nafsu mereka didepankan atas segalanya. Kalau lelaki datang mengucapkan kata-kata palsu, mereka akan mempercayainya melebihi mereka percayakan Al-Qur'an. Sedangkan lelaki memang perangai mereka hanya main-main kecuali mereka benar-benar bersedia untuk bernikah. Tapi sekiranya mereka belum sedia, contohnya masih belajar dan sebagainya, jelas permainan mereka dengan wanita itu hanya tipu daya, tapi tipu daya semudah itu pun dapat menipu para wanita hingga membawa mereka ke ranjang perzinaan. Itu tandanya akal mereka sangat pendek.

Alhamdulillah. 4 Ramadhan 1435H.

Nabi utuskan…

#f bored

So exam is over . Yey . But for awhile  . Me at home 

I'm Bored  So Bored  Extremely Bored  Crazy Bored Just Bored

Wake up in the morning  Bath Do the laundry Cook  Watch television  Eat  Eat Eat Eat
24/7 Online  Sleep at  3 am 
*repeat again
What a  Lifeless  Jobless  and Pathetic 
Truly by  lifeless girl

Love or Lust

what is love ? what is lust ?  is it the same word mean? do love that part of the lust or there is lust birth of love
you may not be aware  when lust comes spiked  came rushing  you might say that love  but  it was not 
I do not want you to see me  such that see myself as  your prospective wife  and  your congregation will  and to give birth to  your offspring
come to me  with the intention that I am  your future  come to me  when you are ready for your responsibility  a prospective husband  and my priest  and prospective parents  for our heirs 
come when you are ready 
please do not ask me  to be as  a temporary companion  or  your girlfriend  I really want you  forever  but  in halal way 
'' If you really love her , you won't touch her  Not even the slightest bit .  You will protect her dignity and sacredness as a muslimah  Just hold her in you heard for a few more years  then you can do it in the halal way '' 
Truly by   d. y. .m.j


a man asks a woman  to pluck a flower  the prettiest of all  in a garden  which is filled  with blooming flowers with one condition
''you can only move forward  and can not be reversed  and just pluck a flower only  that you feels the most beautiful flowers''
she agreed 
while she was walking she saw    beautiful flower  began to pluck  however  it was stopped because  she saw  the flowers are blooming more beautiful  ahead
she walked straight ahead  and  continue step forward  to find the most beautiful
then she met  the man  the man asked 
'Where are the most beautiful flower?' 
the woman showing a sad face 
'I could not find' 

'I was too preoccupied to find the most beautiful  I went straight to the front  but after the end of the garden  only remaining weeds  but I can not turn back  because of the conditions you have set '
that man smiling  sweet as candy 

'Maybe what we see in front of the eye is not as perfect as we want,  if we too …


sometimes  I wish  I am  an invisible  sometimes no one knows my presence  no one wants to talk with me no one will glance at me  sometimes I think this is the best  But actually
I do not have to be  invisible  Because I am  Invisible  For Them
Truly by  Invisible me .


life is like a movie movies that never end without any advertisement without  stop button  nor rewind button  continue to play  directed by world
you and I are the main actors without being given any character will be held without direction, without camera on the world stage directly
maybe you are an extras actor  or maybe you are a hero that you are playing  on  my stage 
maybe I only side actress  or maybe I am  a bad actor that I was playing at  your stage 
this movie will continue to play play and play and play  until  death to come and  pick intrusion  without telling
so cruel  the world's leading  without any indication  full of surprise and mystery 
you and me  had acted  non-stop  continue only tested by be material to the experimental by world 
you and me  should be the best actor  to disappear and not sink  the world stage  filled with drama  without knowing the plot world 
you and me  should be the best actor  to stop  world order  let the world  follow our acting  …

Attention seeker

You're beautiful   With trendy clothing  way as model  view full vamp
You walk staring at the sky  without looking  earth you step on
You laughed hysterically high  with the intention of watching you
You pampering all men to be of pampering you hope the man addict will be with you
You caress him  without dignity  that you want  there men here man  You feel great  get men
when you sear  all will leave you  throw you  like rotten garbage  you just know  real men who
men  Truly ,  sick with   people want attention seeker


You know  my past ,
You know everything about me ,
You always showed interest in hearing
Sometimes I hide from you ,
My intention is not to deceive you,
maybe I'm not ready,
to open my heart,
to share stories,
share laughter ,
share the sadness ,
share the joy ,
share the feeling,
Old memories too painful ,
for me to swallow,
indeed ,
painful and bitter,
I see your efforts,
You always make me happy
You accept all my flaws,
I see,
but I did not dare,
to start again,
when you say 'I love you',
for the first time ,
in your unique  language ,
I was silent for a moment,
lost to say ,
lost in my own world,
Would you hold my hand ,
when I'm ready ,
Would you hug me,
when I'm ready ,
Would you wait for me,
when I'm ready ,
I need a little more time,
to build strength,
to build trust,
to build confidence,
share with someone
I hope someone is
Just a little more time ,
Would you wait for that moment,
Please don't give up
meTruly ,  someone who is in fear

- The Cendol -

Once upon a time , there was a marriage feast in the clubhouse, at Bukit Mahkota . This is where the beginning of the story the missing  cendol

Photography by - jamal
Dialog by - Ihsan

I don't know when they made up this thing but for me it so hilarious . Laugh out loud . Sampai nak terkencing. Kwangajaaa!Asal aku jadi mangsa !


I don't know why lately I feels     low-esteem with myself  . I  just don't know .  Almost everyday I asked my mom ,  ' why I am so hideous ?'  Then my mom will said ' God already created like that , you should be grateful , what if you don't have nose ?' 
A long pause there -----
When some people said 'hey , you already beautiful la , or  some may said 'hey . you cute what  and  I was thinking it was a lie  totally a liars I don't know why I always reflect my self some  big and ugly monster sometimes  Yeah to describe how  hideous  I am
Then ,  when I am struggle with my own conflict  I don't realize the real me its getting faded  I mean  How to content me with others Until today when my friend said 'why you being so silent ? it makes me feel awkward?' Is that what people see? What people feels ? About me 
When I looked at them Goddamn why they're so pretty ? so perfect ?
At the same time ,  Some my friend said 'Why she is so ugly' And I was like  'What …

Dear no one . This is your love song .

I like being independent
Not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do
I like being by myself
Don’t gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me their jacket when its cold
Got that young love even when we’re old
Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you till the end

So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you
But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone
Cause when the time is right
You’ll be here, but for now
Dear no one, this is your love song

I don’t really like big crowds
I tend to shut people out
I like my space, yeah
But I’d love to have a soul mate
God will give him to me someday
& I know it’ll be worth the wait

So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you
But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone
Cause when the time is right
You’ll be here, but for now
Dear no one, this is your love song

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me their ja…

#Quick update 11

Mungkin ramai akan cakap aku bodoh atau seumpamanya . Mungkin itu semua benar . Sungguh . Tapi aku takut .  Benarlah kata bonda semakin aku mintak jauh semakin ia menghampiri . Aku bukan menolak tapi mengelak Sungguh aku tidak layak , benar . Telah banyak aku melakukan dosa mahupun silap. Jika dosa itu berbau , akulah yang berbau paling busuk . Mungkin 1000 jauh batunya masih terhidu , atau lebih jauh lagi . Aku pernah terbaca di dalam al-quran . Ayatnya berbunyi lebih kurang (aku buat ayat sendiri) ''Kalau kau buat salah mintak ampun pada Allah , jika kau buat salah lagi mintak ampun pada Allah dan jika kau mengulangi lagi mintak ampun pada Allah , sesungguhnya Allah maha pengampun '' Hati aku sentap , sudah berjuta kali aku membuat kesilapan dan kesalahan yang sama namun Allah masih menerima . Aku pernah berjanji dengan diri aku sendiri namun aku tetap melakukan . Betapa hinanya aku . Mungkin luaran atau mata kasar orang melihat aku baik namun hanya Allah sahaja tah…

First post for 2014

13 January 2014 
It is so painful waiting for the day that will come,  finally  the day arrived . I am so fucking excited Alhamdulilah . It is hurt to be the last person close the University gate , I told you it is a stressful  hearing some people pull their luggage here and there while you are STILL study in a room  loaded of books and papers . 
At one stage I pray that he/she dislodged the tire luggage. Biar bawak bagasi tu peluk .Memekak je. Sorry if my prayer fulfilled.
So goodbye first sem and 2013 . I do have a great year in 2013 may 2014 will be the greatest .
Checklist :

#1 . Goodbye berok  and monkey . I am back .

# 2 . Bonda kept her promise , wuhaha '' ketam goreng '' . Thanks bonda you are the best mother on this earth . 

#3 . Hug and kiss with my girlfie . Bahah love you eja gendut . Be pretty and stay pretty darl .

Done for today . To be continue.

p/s Selamat Menyambut Maulud Nabi  for all Muslims  .