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Hapuskan Sombong Kaedah Imam Ghazali

- Apabila bertemu kanak-kanak anggaplah mereka lebih mulia dari kita kerana kanak-kanak masih belum banyak melakukan dosa berbanding kita yang sudah lali dengan dosa

- Apabila bertemu orang tua, anggaplah mereka lebih mulia dari kita kerana mereka lebih banyak melakukan ibadat kerana mereka hidup lebih lama .

-Apabila bertemu dengan orang alim, anggaplah mereka lebih mulia dari kita kerana ilmu yang mereka pelajari lebih banyak dari kita.

-Apabila bertemu dengan orang jahil , anggaplah mereka lebih mulia dari kita kerana mereka membuat dosa kerana kejahilan dan kegelapan , sedangkan kita melakukan dosa dalam keadaan mengetahuinya .

-Apabila melihat orang jahat, anggaplah mereka lebih mulia dari kita kerana mungkin satu hari nanti dia akan bertaubat dan insaf atas kesalahanya .

-Apabila melihat orang kafir, berdoalah di dalam hati agar suatu hari nanti mereka akan disinari oleh hidayah dan dengan izinn Allah dosa mereka akan diampunkan .

source-  books

Finally I'm Here

I already safely arrived at KL Central at 7.30 ,event ought in ticket its shows at 6.45 (janji computer) . Ouh forgot to mention , this is for the first time entire in my life I'm taking a public transport which is a train to went back home from Pulau Pinang to KL , 11 pm till 7.30am . Its sounds funny when papa always calling me 'okay kat mana?' he so super-worried , Al-Maklumlah baru first time nak naik kenderaan awam, so as a result papa send a squad haha which is my granny, pak jang, mak jang and mak long suruh tgk-tgk kn anak sulung dye ney haaa. 

How I feels umm happy and independent okay correction (starting to being  independent), I realize that I already grew up ,so lepas dah sampai jer kat KL Central , I saw one women wearing a very bright red colour blouse traaa that's my mom , unexpected I boleh menjerit kat situ (baru 3 bulan tak jumpa) , then on the way balik, pergi rumah  Ukay kejap mandi manda, then kiterung pergi shopping baju raya ,arhh tau tau aja …

#Quick update #4

UPS is over, don't ask me how it goes, just wait and see . Tomorrow I'll going back to my house damn fucking excited by for now .

Is a Day

Alhamdulilah, Blissful  I'm already 18teen , thanks for a wish from my friends and my roommates especially Nur Afiqah Ibrahim who created a colorful cards for my birthday (seriously I loved it ) and my roommate Siti Tohiroh who give me a cute teddy bear haha okay so cute dear and so on , I admit it that this year my birthday celebration is not merry as last year , with my classmates 5 Ar-Razi that we all sing along together then I'm trying to hide my blushed face , arhh moments .But is okay, I'm fine at this Matrix and this is for the first time I'm celebrate without my parents umm okay sad face .This is called life 'we can't get all we want' 
People change, feelings fade, and the outer world is just, too scary. I open myself towards changes and then I realized that I changed too much and that is not right.
Things didn't flow according to my plan. Life didn't move to the way I expected it to be. I'm matured enough to think about future, arr…