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Everyone has a beginning

Each person has a hidden story and the beginning of something new from the old stories that are very painful, ignoble start in sight then talk followed by a derogatory and disparaging word. When a new beginning for life and rose from  past begins to become a new person in a new place and determined to forget the old story, at first were very difficult, which is difficult to forget old memories and fear may one day  past will happen again someday but until when we want to hide away and how long we want to let them continue to trample and looking down on us. We must also confront them and prove to them that they misjudge us from the first sight, let gradually one day they will realize.


Howdy,  Goodbye 2012, thanks for the bittersweet memories , thanks for the  lessons and an unexpected experience. Thanks for everything. 
''There is always, ALWAYS hope. And where there is hope,there is faith and where faith lies,so does a solution''