A message
Saturday, 2 August 2014 @ 09:31

Have you ever felt down with yourself , well for me almost all the time . Most girl will talk about beauty of someone that they see on social media especially on Instagram right ?. So do I , then you will stalk her profile stalk and stalk and sigh 'how pretty she is' ' how lucky she is ' then you felt down with yourself . We are in same boat girl , so do I . 

Majority they will talk about beauty , then relationship goal or whatsoever . Most girl will more stalk girls instagram ,  so do boys right ? That's why some people made ' pretty malay girl ' account  ' pretty  bla bla bla' then the caption said no boys allowed  but still  HAVE boys follow  that account and why that account is not on private ? . In my opinion some of this 'pretty bla bla ' account the account holders is a guy . 

I just don't get it ,how this account can exist. I'm not saying all the guy bad so do I'm a good person . Short advice  for the girls out there and for myself ,  picture is very dangerous , especially  our own picture, I'm not going to stress about strong selfie or not . If you can, keep your account on private or approve those that really can be trusted because there have an application that can save the photo. I'm also not saying I do not berselfie, there is also satu dua  picture , just precautionary. Not all  is good man and not all man have a good imagination. My message for womankind is  precaution, we  don't want to be dirty imagination of those should not be right ? .

Oh. back to our topic , sometimes I never felt very confident with myself, feel lack with myself and I also cry for no reason most of the time . Weird right. This may sound cliche  when people say  try to compare what you have and what she don't have  , and you should be grateful bla bla and so on . It's helpful to boost up  your confidence level but for awhile . 

Then I found another way , how should we think . I'm still grateful for what I have, just now I sort of do not think all too eager to this, when I see what is happening now,  world  now. You noticed or not, our world is more advanced, more modern. You realize we are the  generation of the end of world and we will meet the only One when the time is comes  and death rates are rising and continue to rise. Sometimes the people we do not expect die first . We know this and we know we are  very close to other world , but why we are not ready . Yeah because we too obsessed  pursue worldly .

If you set your mind to think that tomorrow you will die, you will not be asking you beautiful, you handsome, you are in the life of luxury the only you ask isn't enough your good deeds that  you do to  bring to the  grave and you may also ask the angel of death is not mourned hard to separate the spirit from your body.We do not know when we die and we do not know our  tongue is still possible to express the word of God, we do not know. Perhaps in this way to some extent can help you not to think too much about our own imperfections , beauty and luxury is not forever and we do not know when it will fade . 

I am not a  good  person or pious person, but I am still learning and  trying to fix what was wrong. Hopefully we still have a long life and livelihood and given showered fortune  and given blessings in this world and the hereafter.

Truly ,
salve sinner