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Sometimes I just wondering , 
why do we have to meet, whereas you began to leave me. without a word and without any notes.
why do we have to know each other, and the end,  we just became a stranger
why you should say, love is beautiful and sincere, but ultimately you are the one who , deface the beauty and denies our promises
why are you trying to build a wall of trust at first, powerful and invincible, after all this time I stayed and began to trust. but at the end you pulled down. destroyed and shattered.

why did you start to give me happiness, that it was only a moment for me to taste the sweetness, but at the end  you also gave me the bitterness of suffering, which leaves the this scars forever.
why did you give me a smile, behind your sweet words, your laughter and your jokes, but eventually you left me, silently without a word where at the moment I really need you
And I also wondering ,
why should I give it a chance, that, I believe that you are different from the others. and m…

Goodluck for sem iv ~

Hey guys , so only a few days left for me start semester iv yeah super senior okay * rise my left eyebrow ( 3 times) . *Inhale exhale how do I gonna start yeah ermm to be honest deep down bottom in my heart I am so not ready for this semester to begin , I felt like I just don't want to go . I feels like this sem it could be worst I just don't know why . I love study but I feel like I just want to start my new semester by go to another University just have a new environment. 
Maybe because of my close friend since matrik she went to Indonesia for exchange student so I feel like no one will be there , so  leave me  alone in this society , well it's not that I don't have friends I do but you know sometimes you must have one crazier friend which is otak gila-gila , macam perangai iblis kau pun sama iblis dia . * how do I explain this in English ermmm   yeah because I am kind of sarcasm in making joking well not all people can adapt it . Yes I do understand so  I try to ad…