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Let it be

Kadang-kadang aku tak paham dengan sikap seseorang itu . Kalau nak berkawan mesti tengok family background dia whether from rich family or not . Kalau tak kaya mesti melihat paras rupa cantik ke ta ? . Mungkin ini satu lumrah ,
Tapi trend kat sini tak macam ni but still they will seeking on something , apa? in courses . Aku tak paham kenapa dorang kalau nak bergaul mesti tengok kepada course seseorang tu  , well yeah not all of them but some , because of this some people mencacatkan pandangan dan pemikiran seseorang kepada seseorang . Gotta it ? 
Course kami tak se'gah' nama bangunan kami even our courses in international school but people still look us down , kalau kami sebut apa nama course kami, mereka akan mempamerkan riaksi muka 'ouh course tu je ?' kadang-kadang aku rase macam nak tumbuk terajang je . Nasib aku perempuan . Nasib berbaju kurung . Nasib bertudung . Kalau ta memang aku dah ganyang kau kat situ . 
Pernah juga seseorang dari course account (the highe…

Quick update #8

Perhaps here the fate I know who I am. I never thought that I would be this level. I had hoped to have a life like everyone else or be in their place. They are full of life and  full of happiness. It's time I stop complaining, I have to move forward. Dare I gotta move. I'm very grateful for what I have experienced.

I never thought I would spend the night in the forest.
I never thought I can fight with them
I never thought  I'm brave to fight their challenges.
I did not expect. And I'm proud of myself .

Farah buat cerita seram lak time ni  Tengah makan mala dekat dewan  terbuka then 
Farah : Apa didy?  Me: Apa? Farah : Didy ajak lepas makan ni duduk dalam khemah erk? Me: Ha mana ade Farah : ouh okay , orang belakang kot . Continue her meal  I am looking at Yas and Yas looking at me . Staring each other without knowing the answer . 

“Stop comparing where you’re at with where everyone else is. It doesn’t move you farther ahead, improve your situation, or help you find peac…

The next chapter . . .

This is called the life, times continue to run without knowing what it means stop, alternating day night.I never cease to recognize something, maybe change will happen, but that's the reality that I need to know. Not now maybe later.This is my new life that I will be confronted in the next 4 years. Maybe this is my destiny. Maybe this is the best way to me. Perhaps this is where my success. Maybe and maybe and possibly.

#16 september , Hari Malaysia

We are KLians .

'Till see you again

Alhamdulilah I'm safely arrived my destination this evening , yeah it was  long journey so do my heart  began to move away . May Allah ease me  . Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

Life , it will pass us by so fast . But really , it's up to us how far our journey is and when we finally hop off . And in those moments before leaving, you must wonder , was my journey worth it in the end? . And the answer should be 'yes' . -mellifuous

Said goodbye , turned around and you were gone,gone,gone . Faded into the setting  sun , slipped away. But I won't cry cause I know , I'll never be lonely .For you are the stars to me , you are the light I follow .

In a place far away where the water meets the  sky

The thought makes me smile

Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking , But I stay strong and I hold on cause I know I'll see you again and this is not where it end ,

See you again