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Orang kata :

Orang kata : Kalau nak tahu jodoh Sebelum tidur  Kena tepuk bantal 3x Orang kata: Kena niat  Allah bagi petunjuk Orang kata: Dalam mimpi tu  Allah bagi petunjuk  Tapi tak nampak muka Orang kata: Nampak belakang (pun boleh la ) Orang kata: Aku pun dengar Orang kata: Aku suka buat Aku pun cuba(dahla aku jenis susah dapat mimpi , gelap je) Malam tu aku dapat mimpi Aku mimpi, Yang Aku Dah Dapat  Ipad mini 2 Hempeh (-_-') Jauh tersasar mimpi tu  Tu lah Orang kata: Aku ikot je.

Quick update #10

I skip class today . So bored in class , when your foreigner lecturer try to speak in malay and you was like haaaa whaaatt you know you like deaf people and your mouth open try to catch up his words  , well yeah is good for him learn our language but for me it was D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R , I am who will sit in examination   . Now I can imagine how my grades  will be , ahhhh .

Yeah little D bad girl now but best apa ponteng kelas . I have an intention to do it again la .

So November , is quite busy for me , do that do this.

This is my first time become committee members  in an islamic program . The program called 'MAN ANA' siapa saya . Is quite interesting,  I experience that I can learn and how do I handle program, well is quite tiring but it was great . By the way is religious program so that we can improve the knowledge about religion, it's very exciting to be learned.

two boom - my cheek , how worst . Ugly me and my roommate .

First time , jadi AJK pegeng tag nama jela ,  I am …


Have you ever feel you want to be him/ her . I mean  want to be in him/her shoes .  Looks so perfect whatever you want you will get with just finger picking .  Then , when boys/girls passing by looking at you just a first glance and not making the second thought .  Then , no worries any quiz or exam because you actually incredible intelligent .  Have you? Same goes me .  I don't know why suddenly I write it , maybe I motivate myself .  But , this is human nature . 
Actually without we  thought that up people who want to be like us . They see us .  Yeah human cycle . We never feels satisfied with our self .
Life like a shoes   Looks pretty / smart outside  Try you to wear it Big or Small Try to walk it Loose or  Hurt Then you will know This is my life and Why I Am I 
We have different size and different test . God has given us the exact size and fit for us. Our job is to wear it or throw it . All people have their own tests . As we grow the large size feet. So also our  life the m…

Nuts for awhile

Is already 3 a.m  I don't know what to do My eyes  Still fresh So . . . . . . . . . . I stalk my old facebook account then I scroll scroll scroll every people post at my timeline  and scroll scroll scroll - - - - - - - as you do now *I know stupid right hihi but why you keeping do it by the way then scroll scroll - - - - - I  saw  it and my eyes keep reading my hand keep  scrolling  - - - - - June 29, 2011  6:25 pm 
only god knows how much i love you. ♥ :)
9 . 11 pm
What I feel for you is more than words can say, I'll love you forever each and everyday. ♥ ;)

June 30 , 2011 9.35 pm
you mean the world to me :)
9. 37 pm
A day without you is like the world without sunshine. Iloveyou ! :)

9. 59 pm
I love you ♥ ;)

July 7 ,2011  10. 26pm
I love you ♥ hihi ;)

July 16 , 2011 10.55 pm 'Iloveyou imissyou ♥ ;) - - - - - - - - - Is already  3 years  and  approaching 4 years  I  still single but whatever thanks to you all this happen because of you I change - - - - I am not as easy the old me not eas…

you don't know how it feels.

Finally it's mid-sem break but seriously is not feels like a mid-sem it feels a mid-sem assignment .

I had thought to take a break from studying but again after answering statistic paper like a bullshit . Yeah I just don't want to talk about that,  because of  this paper I've skip my statistics class  , yeah lazy to get off from the bed in early that morning then seeing your lecturer face like your seeing  the  answer sheets will get zero .

Maybe I am a person so easily get depresses , maybe perhaps ? I dunno . Sometimes we not depress on the work we should done but, the person who we should face it right?

Yeah , I know not everyone can follow our pace and not all of us can follow he/her pace. We are born with differences and differences of character. Some said  that the differences can be close friends and some said friend can be triggered when there is a similarity. Gota it?

I personally do not know whether I am guilty or not but  if we are in the situation we must fee…