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Who knows............

Who knows it just a doa' 
'' Ya Allah betulkan kau pandang aku lagi , Ya Allah betulkah kau sayang aku , Ya Allah jika benar tolong la hamba-mu ini , aku betul-betul nak berubah tapi aku tak tahu macam mana nak mulakan , Amin''
Who knows it just a first step with a heavy heart 
'Selamat Datang ke Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang ' 
Who knows it just a short conversation 
Me : Ehh kita satu practicum kan?  Maziah : Ha'a Me: Jom la pergi class sesame, meh la masuk bilik kita Maziah : ouh okay Me : Name sapa erk? lupa laa.. Maziah : Maziah .
Who knows it just a discussion group 
Afiqah : Nak number boleh , senang nak contact nanti . Me : Alaa , tak ingat la number , jap erk . Name?  Afiqah : Afiqah 
Who knows it just sitting position side by side
Who knows we become closer and closer 
Who knows it gonna be a changes 
Me : Wei kau perasan tak ? hewhew Maziah : Perasan Me : Apa-apa ? hehe Maziah : Kau pakai tudung ,  tutup dada .  Kami dah perasan tapi takot nak te…

world gets better

Hello there , only left less than two weeks from today I will study the way off there. Where? well still in the north. Maybe this is my fate  .

Am I ready? .

I do not know.

My heart is strong rebel don't want to go .but at the same time my mind keep saying just go , you need a space and you need run for a while from those drama is happening .

This week my busy week and I am very excited , yeah you know . My shopping week . My mind getting crazy with those 'sale' word with  that cloth , that dress , that shoes , this handbang , that -this . I just can't control myself .

As my mom usually said ' I'm getting be hysteria saw those thing . Duhh. Normal-lah .

Anyway just wish luck for me . (I don't know what to write that's why I'm  leaving so much space )

Happy Shopping Day !

'' When I shop , the world gets better , and the world is better , but then it's not , and I need to do it again'' -Sophie Kinsella

Definition ?

Do you know the real mean  of ' money' ? Do you know the real mean of 'love' ? Do you know the real mean  of 'family' ?
I don't know what those thing real mean . What I know, those three words that when combined give a deep meaning . When you have MONEY they will LOVE you and we as a FAMILY . 
I'm tired face of all this drama for 8 years . Maybe they see we  happy, maybe they see we smile, maybe they saw we laugh but they do not see the sense of frustration, tears and hatred. 
Not everyone has a happy family, what use money  but not happy, what is the point if the family is not together and hated each other. what is its purpose?
Does escape from all this gives them satisfaction? 
I do not know when the 'big day' comes.