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a man asks a woman  to pluck a flower  the prettiest of all  in a garden  which is filled  with blooming flowers with one condition
''you can only move forward  and can not be reversed  and just pluck a flower only  that you feels the most beautiful flowers''
she agreed 
while she was walking she saw    beautiful flower  began to pluck  however  it was stopped because  she saw  the flowers are blooming more beautiful  ahead
she walked straight ahead  and  continue step forward  to find the most beautiful
then she met  the man  the man asked 
'Where are the most beautiful flower?' 
the woman showing a sad face 
'I could not find' 

'I was too preoccupied to find the most beautiful  I went straight to the front  but after the end of the garden  only remaining weeds  but I can not turn back  because of the conditions you have set '
that man smiling  sweet as candy 

'Maybe what we see in front of the eye is not as perfect as we want,  if we too …