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Ramadhan with them .

Through out the 5 years of being in high school, I've be friends with many kind of people and I've learn the value of friendship, but surprisingly, I didn't learn it from the people whom I've known since I was an abecedarian in my school, but from the people whom I never expected to get close with. Those people who have seen me being so broken when everybody else think I'm doing fine. Those people who knew that I've spend some of my terrible days at my school crying in the girls bathroom and those people who have heard me confess about how hurt I am to even face another day in school.

Sometimes you think you're not a good friend because your friends choose to be with other people instead of you. If your friends never appreciate your existence, then let them feel your absent. And soon you'll realize that you never need them anyway. You only feel like you do because you never try living apart from them. They may say that you've changed, …

#Quick Update #3

"When negative thoughts and dark moods come to you, remember that you have a choice. If you need help, reach out for it. You are not alone. You can choose to picture better days and to perform actions that will make them real. Who knows what great days and wonderful achievements await you? Who knows how many lives we can make better by serving as someone's else miracle?" -Nick Vujicic

Hello July

Hello Bloggie , peoples and JULY *at Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang.

I 'm here still alive but quite busy , yeah you know Matrix style. Lecturer ask their assignments today , then by tomorrow before 8. AM their assignment should be on their table. Kalau sedikit tak apa ini one whole topic dye nak. Bapak banyak , so yeah so super duper busy.

Okay my UPS (Ujian Pertengahan Sem) will be in this August . Talking about August woaa guess what is been a month I not going back to Putrajaya , miss my both parents and my two annoying  little sisters. Okay miss them .

Bye for now . Selamat berbuka puasa pada 15 nafsu' saaban .

Thanks God for send me here , He already drastic changing my life be a better Muslim . Dear heart, nothing is last forever .