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Books collection

Assalamualaikum, so D back again . I already finished my 4th semester as a degree student so another 4 semester left . Can't believe it I can go thru and just finished my finals last weeks ( I guess) and I don't know what to say but I have done my best (ye kea?) even though I banyak main. 
Actually today, Abah and I plan to go to bookstores because I already finish read all my books so habis stock especially bulan puasa kuasa rajin mula merasuk dalam diri al-maklumlah setan tak de but yeah as we already or biasa dengar  ' kita merancang Allah menentukan ' and Allah telah menentukan tidak pergi , huhu I is so sad , is been long time I tak bau buku baru  because we have to  do some kemas rumah sebab mostly hari ni cuti but is so okay *pegang dada la tahzan 
So I decide want to shared a few of my books collection  (2014 /2015)  that I think it was okay . Bear in mind I'm not a person  who likes to read love genre (yup ) Last I read love genre when I was in form 5 , y…