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Live in movies .

Happy Saturday .

Alhamdulilah ,

My first wishlist finally accomplish .....

I'm so happy . What it is ? naa just treat my le'family a dinner . My first salary. I ma so proud .

Now for second wishlist .....

Just wait yeah coming soon ...........

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Will you...?

Someone once asked me, whether I am an anti-to guy? . For them, I am different from the  other girls. Haha . It's kind of weird  question actually. Do I looks like lesbian ?  Agaga.. 
For me,  I was happy with the people around me,just enough and yes I been disappointed in a relationship and have a very rough time to recover it, that's why I'm afraid to fall in love again. 
After a year , I be single and a year I'm try to  hide and blocking my feeling to  fall in love again .
But the more I run the more I am close.
Allowing a stranger present in my life and want to know more than a friend,  for me is hard to do, I want to accept him but at the same time the door remains closed my heart to accept anyone. 
Will you willing to wait until I am ready ? 
'' Ya Allah jika dia benar untuk ku dekatkan lah hatinya dengan hati ku , jika dia bukan milikku damaikan lah hati ku dengan ketentuan mu ''