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Love or Lust

what is love ? what is lust ?  is it the same word mean? do love that part of the lust or there is lust birth of love
you may not be aware  when lust comes spiked  came rushing  you might say that love  but  it was not 
I do not want you to see me  such that see myself as  your prospective wife  and  your congregation will  and to give birth to  your offspring
come to me  with the intention that I am  your future  come to me  when you are ready for your responsibility  a prospective husband  and my priest  and prospective parents  for our heirs 
come when you are ready 
please do not ask me  to be as  a temporary companion  or  your girlfriend  I really want you  forever  but  in halal way 
'' If you really love her , you won't touch her  Not even the slightest bit .  You will protect her dignity and sacredness as a muslimah  Just hold her in you heard for a few more years  then you can do it in the halal way '' 
Truly by   d. y. .m.j