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Quick Update #7

#Snack Peak from Peneng.

People are like onions- we all have many different layers. And if you don't take the time to peel away the skin, you might never get the juicy layers underneath.

Destiny I'm waiting for you.

Dear future destiny,
I hope you are kind to me, I hope you don't destroy my feelings and that you consider looking at things from every angel and every perspective,just as I would do to you. Please notice that I not only make mistake but I  also learn from them and create wonderful things called lessons. Remember that I'm in yours hands and if you drop me, I will break,if I'm even not myself,remind me that I'm not truly beautiful person inside and out. You're the future when will you come my way? I do not know but what I do know  is that someday will soon become today.

Alhamdulilah, PSPM result already announced. Thanks so much Allah and prays from my parents especially my  Mom and my Dad. Thanks .

#Quick Update #6

#Location- Malaysia, Batu Feringgi Beach, Pulau Pinang.

Life is a gift to be enjoyed, embraced,memories waiting to be made and dreams waiting to be chased . Don't let life slip away - grab it with both fits because once it's gone you never grab it back.