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For Real?


Hi, it's been so long I didn’t post anything but here I am. It takes me a lot of courage to write back because I do miss writing. I know this few days it shocked everyone (include me). Guess what?
--Yes, I’m engaged.
Everyone, including myself, was shocked with my decision. On my E-day I do pinch myself a lot, it this real? It this me and for real D?
I always kept my stories private well, especially involve with feelings, the first person knew about this is my best best friend Piqa tu pun a year before I ready to tell her (see it takes me a lot of courage to tell her) because I was known as a person who always chasing my carrier and travel and yes never once (well after I enter University) I never plan to settle down or getting married. Is not even in my list and I also do my plan if I not married in Dunya I will travel all around the world, working my ass off and staying with my parents take care of them and I do also plan I can adopt a child if I wa…

Au revoir 2018~

Assalamualaikum and peace upon to you,

Alhamdulillah we have already stepped into the New Year. Alhamdulillah Allah is still giving us the opportunity for living in this year. So Happy New! So as usual, I am going to recap what has happened in 2018. In one word I would describe my 2018 will be consistency. Every month I will put a monthly goal eg: read 3 books at least a month. Alhamdulillah, mostly I have achieved so let’s rewind back:
1)One year in one country
Last year, I went to Indonesia with my travel partner Aini . One of the best trip, I am so happy everything runs smoothly as planned. Even though, it was quite a last minute plan, I only manage to plan the itinerary only one month. Alhamdulillah it runs so smoothly and Allah do ease our journey. It is one of my favourite trip not because I make the itinerary but the most calmest trip because of the people, nature and everything. I feel like I am having a honeymoon during the trip. You might refer the link for more details.Meda…