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Sum up my memories in 2014

Hello there , D is back bahah and finally finals is OVER yes yes .  I think it's not too late yet for me to say happy new year readers  . Happy 2015 and hopefully this year will be a year will be more meaningful for all. Sooooo urmmmm well 2014 not as I expected, there were so many ups and downs , but mostly downs and it was not a good year for me , but I can feel maybe this year will be better because I can feel . Insyallah and I really have pretty good with my instance okay .My instance always right .  No doubt . (Aipp tak baik riak ) but mostly . Haha no,  just kidding but pegang la pada prinsip kita merancang Allah menetukan ye noks .   Overall for my third semester as a degree students well it's kind of tough sem for me . Serious no kidding the subjects and so do lectures is killing me (but Alhamdulilah masih hidup ) but congratulations to myself because succeed in facing the moments and twists and turns of life during the third semester as a degree students . The only t…