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Happy Eid al-Adha

Firstly I want to wish all muslim around the world happy eid al -Adha. . Alhamdulilah yesterday about 7.15 am safety  arrive at my sweet home in Putrajaya, even thought there's many unexpected accident I've been through a whole day and a whole night problem with the bus, after this maybe I'm gonna take a train or airplane . Is okay this is called experiences and my first time used a bus transport.

Then me with  little sister and my granny we all together 'balut ketupat' which is my family tradition that we all gonna celebrate with pulut, and thanks to my mom she already make a 'kek batik'  OMG, is been long time I mengidam kot . I melantak sampai 2 round kek batik , love you mom !

Last word happy eid al-Adha and wish me luck for PSPM and safe journey to Pulau Pinang on Sunday .

Goodbye first semester-

Finally first semester almost over, I don't know why I'm so exited to end this semester and get out from this Matriculation, is not this matriculation kind of boring but maybe their system too tight I not used to. Just maybe . So today our last day our  'mentor mentee ' . Frankly, I almost cry ( sedih kot) but tahan muke buruk nagis kot , so there's a few things we done together today-

So wish and pray for us, get 4.00 in PSPM first semester .

Goodbye -First Semester
Goodbye- Our lecture first semester ( sorry if ter-kutuk or me-gutuk )
Goodbye- First semester syllabus
Goodbye - Our first sem crushes ( sumber- piqa, the black- maz and Mr. Ash- me) 

Hello -PSPM
Hello -Second Semester
Hello- New Lecture ( new gossip)
Hello- Second Semester syllabus ( please be easy)
Most Important
HELLO- our future crushes ( tukar orang la pulak ) 

No matter what the days coming or what sem we'll be thru together  .Our friendship never ends. Love them .