// trust
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 @ 08:46

is not easy, 
for me to trust people, 
is not easy, 
painful to swallow me alive, 
chelate and brackish felt for many years, 
is not easy, 
to restore me back into myself, 
feel what it is sweet after all this time ,
is not easy, 
I want to forget the past, 
dark story of me,.

dear you ,
is not that simple, 
but you simply deny 
my trust towards you .  

I was silent for a moment. 
I was disappointed, 
no words can, 
reflect my frustrations on you 
because you're not what I thought, 

I accept your apology says, 
but this feeling 
began to wilting and dying ,
began to feel empty, 
still hurts and pain. 
you simply pull down, 
the trust wall I started to build .