Wednesday, 3 September 2014 @ 07:29

sometimes I hope , 
word and image, 
from my mind, 
go out and play in space, 
let other people see, 
see and understand, 
not only see, 
on a pair of my eyes, 
that showing the light of joy, 
you have been cheated, 
with a pair of eyes.

sometimes I wish ,
my body is made of a transparent material, 
so can you see, 
what exactly fill my heart, 
what is implied in my heart, 
my heart is sick, 
sad and dark, 
too scared and too lonely, 
but you only see, 
I smile happily, 
you have been cheated, 
with a fake smile.

sometimes I hope , 
I was invisible, 
no one knows about my existence, 
my presence, 
and no one knew me, 
but you see me, 
see my body 
in a sea of ​​people, 
crowded and noisy, 
while myself, 
feeling lonely, 
very lonely, 
extremely lonely, 
fear in humans, 
you have been cheated, 
with these body parts.

you have been cheated,
and continuously be fooled,
and you believe,
continue to believe,
with the actions and movements of my body, 
that was directed by my own feelings, 
to overwhelm you, 
from you to know who I am. 

this body is not guilty,
but this feeling,
my feeling that you should  blame ,
for being cruel to you , 
I'm sorry . 
sorry for cheating you,
by using my body to hide my true feelings .

Truly by , 
The physical structure that controlled by feelings