#Quick update 12
Saturday, 26 July 2014 @ 09:49

We almost end of Ramadhan , then we will meet Shawwal . It's kindda sad that  Ramadhan almost leave us , I hope we can meet next holy month again for next year . 

So the journey of Ramadhan for this year ,*pause for sec .  Frankly talk  I am (not very ) satisfied with what I have done during the fasting month for this year compare to the last year  . Fasting month is about  we are trying to recognize our true self and control our  passions . What have I discovered about myself for almost a month  was (not very ) impressive, I just don't know .  I could not state the reasons why . It's pretty sad actually . But .. yeah . 

I might have realized what was less about me and what  need to change . Perhaps there is still have a space for me to change and to be a better and better person . I hope this Shawwal will give a new breath to start new trail . Yeah . Happy Eid Mubarak guys .