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Chapter 12 of 12

So a few days left to 2016, so let's wrap my 2015 book. Cewah
This year its quite  good year for me, well everyone does have ups and downs day it is normal. If you do not have a problem in your life well is a miracle all I can say. I learn a lot for this year being more positive and more happier . I guess.   Actually thanks to youtube because bring me to some video I accidentally click that change my mind. Maybe there's God power behind all this. 
The video I clicked it is kind of a lecture (kot) from Prof. Muhaya it is very inspiring me a lot the title is 'kebersihan hati' it was very good to listen. I recommend to you guys for who always think you are alone, no one wants you, you upset with yourself. Please click this button . Thanks me later.
I will pointed out a few points that I use as my principal in life from this talk :
- You feel upset because you always depend on people not God that is the main reasons why you always upset because you do not believe in God p…

oh it''s Thursday! tomorrow Friday and Saturday I am going back and Sunday I died

Hello there, actually I am in stress mood cuz well you know my semester break gonna end soon and back to reality . Yeah back to assignments , quizzes and presentation . 
Frankly talk, this semester it is been very tough for me (ouh well every semester I will repeat same phase right?)  I am so not ready yet to go back to my university life , can I just drop this semester? . I think I cannot handle it anymore , too much pressure . *sigh 
Currently I am so busy with my research paper *whoop whoop yeah, one of the most tough subject for this semester and guess what , last night I have a dream I talk to my lecturer about my research . Lol, 
Actually dah banyak kali juga I have a dream, I present my proposal, attending lecture, doing assignment yeah serious talk tengok penangan sem ni sampai terbawak - bawak ke mimpi . Dah tak tahu nak buat apa dah, bangun pagi buat assignments dalam mimpi pun buat assignments , wow D your life just awesome. 
Ouh back to my topic , I am working on my resea…
Oh dear assignments  You make me  Crazy 
wish me luck survive for this sem 


Sometimes I just wondering , 
why do we have to meet, whereas you began to leave me. without a word and without any notes.
why do we have to know each other, and the end,  we just became a stranger
why you should say, love is beautiful and sincere, but ultimately you are the one who , deface the beauty and denies our promises
why are you trying to build a wall of trust at first, powerful and invincible, after all this time I stayed and began to trust. but at the end you pulled down. destroyed and shattered.

why did you start to give me happiness, that it was only a moment for me to taste the sweetness, but at the end  you also gave me the bitterness of suffering, which leaves the this scars forever.
why did you give me a smile, behind your sweet words, your laughter and your jokes, but eventually you left me, silently without a word where at the moment I really need you
And I also wondering ,
why should I give it a chance, that, I believe that you are different from the others. and m…

Goodluck for sem iv ~

Hey guys , so only a few days left for me start semester iv yeah super senior okay * rise my left eyebrow ( 3 times) . *Inhale exhale how do I gonna start yeah ermm to be honest deep down bottom in my heart I am so not ready for this semester to begin , I felt like I just don't want to go . I feels like this sem it could be worst I just don't know why . I love study but I feel like I just want to start my new semester by go to another University just have a new environment. 
Maybe because of my close friend since matrik she went to Indonesia for exchange student so I feel like no one will be there , so  leave me  alone in this society , well it's not that I don't have friends I do but you know sometimes you must have one crazier friend which is otak gila-gila , macam perangai iblis kau pun sama iblis dia . * how do I explain this in English ermmm   yeah because I am kind of sarcasm in making joking well not all people can adapt it . Yes I do understand so  I try to ad…


Hello there , well I got FB notification that someone is stalking my blog . Gotcha! well I do welcome people read some my  masterpiece carps story here . So hello there, hope you enjoy.
For your fun fact about my blog : I create my blog since I was in form 3 or 4 if I am not mistaken and last week (maybe ) I already turned 21 years old  (yey HAPPY BIRTHDAY !) so that's means I already (7 or 6 YEARS as a blogger ) or as a silent blogger .Good job D. 
So this semester break, my family and I went to Sarawak for our family vacation and yeah for my birthday trip also. Why Sarawak ? well another fun fact : I was only born in Sarawak but then we have move to Sabah. Sarawak language its really unique and I love it. My dad, he is  really fluent speak in Sarawak language , so he teach me a lot at first I don't understand but then I find it's kindda cool. Firstly, I want thanked to my parents for this birthday trip because my parents terpaksa ambik cuti and my adik beradik yang lain…

Books collection

Assalamualaikum, so D back again . I already finished my 4th semester as a degree student so another 4 semester left . Can't believe it I can go thru and just finished my finals last weeks ( I guess) and I don't know what to say but I have done my best (ye kea?) even though I banyak main. 
Actually today, Abah and I plan to go to bookstores because I already finish read all my books so habis stock especially bulan puasa kuasa rajin mula merasuk dalam diri al-maklumlah setan tak de but yeah as we already or biasa dengar  ' kita merancang Allah menentukan ' and Allah telah menentukan tidak pergi , huhu I is so sad , is been long time I tak bau buku baru  because we have to  do some kemas rumah sebab mostly hari ni cuti but is so okay *pegang dada la tahzan 
So I decide want to shared a few of my books collection  (2014 /2015)  that I think it was okay . Bear in mind I'm not a person  who likes to read love genre (yup ) Last I read love genre when I was in form 5 , y…

Alone again

I never thought, I might get tangled, trapped in the world, that created by human, who likes to play with human feelings.
sometimes I wish, when I walk, there may be by my side, someone will listen to  all the my words, my laugh, my jokes and  laughing with me, yet I still walk alone, abandoned by others, and I was alone again.
sometimes I wish, there is someone to accompany me, sitting by my side, while enjoying the beauty of nature, with loaded of people in the bus, when I turned , it's just an empty chair,  a bag on a chair, accompany me in silence journey , and I began to be alone again.
sometimes I wish, when I awake, there is someone by my side. which is still in the realm of dream, smile on the lips, but when I awoke, it's just an empty bed and a pillow. neat and tidy, and I'm still alone.
I never thought, I began comfortable with this life, walking alone, only heard  their laughter at behind, sitting alone, still accompanied by my pink bag. wake up in the morning, …


Alhamdulilah , so last month I went to Phuket with my friend Farah . Thanks for be my travel partner. Khup khun kap (thank you in thai  language ) . We went there for 6 days and 5 nights and we were lucky because Sunwa she is from Thailand  which is our course mate in our Uni  thanks for be our  tour guide along we were there .Thanks .We enjoyed it .  So I'm gonna review for the interesting place in Phuket more specifically in Patong . Ouh yeah another one we also get help by Sunwa's friends ( Yusof , Haroon and Yaya ) with the help of their as local people it becomes easier our trip in Phuket . Thanks so much and knowing you guys  it's the best part .
I hope you guys will enjoy read  my story even I'm not good in writing. (soo I'm gonna put a lot of pictures  )

From Phuket Airport to Patong it will takes about 45 minute quite far , The reason why I choose to stayed in Patong because it's near the beaches so I book hotel there (this is what I read from people …