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life is like a movie movies that never end without any advertisement without  stop button  nor rewind button  continue to play  directed by world
you and I are the main actors without being given any character will be held without direction, without camera on the world stage directly
maybe you are an extras actor  or maybe you are a hero that you are playing  on  my stage 
maybe I only side actress  or maybe I am  a bad actor that I was playing at  your stage 
this movie will continue to play play and play and play  until  death to come and  pick intrusion  without telling
so cruel  the world's leading  without any indication  full of surprise and mystery 
you and me  had acted  non-stop  continue only tested by be material to the experimental by world 
you and me  should be the best actor  to disappear and not sink  the world stage  filled with drama  without knowing the plot world 
you and me  should be the best actor  to stop  world order  let the world  follow our acting  …

Attention seeker

You're beautiful   With trendy clothing  way as model  view full vamp
You walk staring at the sky  without looking  earth you step on
You laughed hysterically high  with the intention of watching you
You pampering all men to be of pampering you hope the man addict will be with you
You caress him  without dignity  that you want  there men here man  You feel great  get men
when you sear  all will leave you  throw you  like rotten garbage  you just know  real men who
men  Truly ,  sick with   people want attention seeker


You know  my past ,
You know everything about me ,
You always showed interest in hearing
Sometimes I hide from you ,
My intention is not to deceive you,
maybe I'm not ready,
to open my heart,
to share stories,
share laughter ,
share the sadness ,
share the joy ,
share the feeling,
Old memories too painful ,
for me to swallow,
indeed ,
painful and bitter,
I see your efforts,
You always make me happy
You accept all my flaws,
I see,
but I did not dare,
to start again,
when you say 'I love you',
for the first time ,
in your unique  language ,
I was silent for a moment,
lost to say ,
lost in my own world,
Would you hold my hand ,
when I'm ready ,
Would you hug me,
when I'm ready ,
Would you wait for me,
when I'm ready ,
I need a little more time,
to build strength,
to build trust,
to build confidence,
share with someone
I hope someone is
Just a little more time ,
Would you wait for that moment,
Please don't give up
meTruly ,  someone who is in fear