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Cambridge 4 ~~

Olass and salam haha happy Saturday! Okay as usual -Saturday- i have my Cambridge class hihi i thought today is our last class hihi actually next Saturday lorh haha sorry farah wrong information hihi. Okay so what story humm nothing fun just today our task  to do some speech and I'm speechless woaa good speech. As you know i really hate to speak in front our class i'm going so nervous so how my speech ?it's about how to achive our ambition  .Crap! i hate it seriously gelabah nak mampus kot . Wanna know how  their  feedback ?

Lecture 1 *don't know la what her name she work as a lecture some University
1) Improve pronunciation 2) Got point but need more effort to elaborate it 3) Slow sown while speaking 4)Speak louder Lecture 2 *some goes i don't know his name
Try to speak not reading. Prononcation-pronunce all sounds. Voice-little bit mumbling-but you can improve it. Overall-good try and well done My teacher Belinda
Vocabulary-good.  Fluency-Good your specch made…

my first wishlist accomplished

First of all Olass and salam haha i think you  know right what about my post today haha 21 march 2012 tarikh  keramat for SPM candidates 2011 yeah after waiting days by days then finally the result it's coming out now you guys read ever single words and don't skip even it's the boring part :).

Okay as you know i live in PJ but i school in KL haha how it's goes haha naa i just move on here . Okay back to the topic so kiranya from PJ to KL it take about one hour the journey so you know what mase nak bath time i dah start shaking sejuk jer sebab lagi beberapa minit nak pukul 10 i bertolak 10.45 takot dah haha.
Then papa hantar ye laa mase on the way nak ke KL i rase macam nak  keluar dari kereta nak buang je signboard yg bertulis AMPANG .

in car
papa : Along target bape ? me : Entahlah *suara dah ketar-ketar tahan nak menagis i mmg nak menagis
papa: Trial hari tu dapat berapa ?
me : Entah(padahal ingat i dapat 1A je tu pun art!) *sorry papa saya tipu

Then sampai kat kawasan …