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Singapore & Malacca

Assalamualikum and Hello. 
So today, I want to share my ‘short vacation’ to 4 states  and one country in a week for my semester break for this semester break. I hope you guys enjoy and may help you in planning the trip based on this entry whoever want to plan to go to Singapore which is USS (Universal Studio Singapore) and Malacca. I try my best to explain it more details.

Here we go--- My travel partner for this semester break is my cousin who just finished her study in India as a Doctor (wuuuu~~~). So we plan to travel to Singapore which is only focused on USS. USS is been my dream since I was 13 years old and everyone dreams too right? And Malacca, which is in Malaysia because she (my cousins) never been there and the last time I went Malacca when I was standard six which is a school trip, so I say ‘ yeah why not?’  So the journey began.
Trip to Singapore.
So for the trip to USS we use a travel package by @pakejpelanconganmurah you guys can search it on instagram is under ‘Bahtera Ho…

#Quick update 14

Peace Upon to You and hello everyone,

Jeyaa D is back. Alhamdulilah finally I have ended my six semester for this year, so another one semester left for #roadtointership cewah. Alhamdulilah everything goes well kot? I guess and I hope so. Oh yeah, happy Ramdhan Mubarak hopefully our good deeds will be accepted by Allah. Ameen.
So today, I really want to share with you guys which I found it is really benefiting. Have you ever wondered every time when you read Al –Quran then you go thru it translation, which mine in ‘Bahasa’ and certain phase you just do not understand what does it really mean. Even though it is already translated into your language, but some meaning it is really hard to understand. (Kadang-kadang ada maksud tersirat)  then I found this video which is from Mukfti Malik the topic of ‘Save Yourself’ that he doing in the episode throughout the month of Ramdhan. May Allah bless him. It is really helpful, he will explain certain verse and Surah in Al- Quran with very simple …


Hello and peace upon to you all my readers and people who maybe accidentally click my blog ,
welcome back and it's me D back again. So how's your semester break? Good ? well, to be honest this my semester break kindda productive and I am quite busy with my DIY stuff and yeah sleeping and eating obviously. It's kind of sad that I still have 3 semesters to go because to finish my degree it takes 4 years. Bertabahlah wahai hati. Only one year and half jea. Is okay maybe my rezeki belajar kn.
So for this semester break I travel to Sabah for two weeks with my friend Piqa. We meet once for a year because long distance friendship relationship anyway thanks Piqa for bring me tour around Sabah well I hope you guess enjoy my story and I hope this may help for you guys who plan to go to Sabah someday. 
At first I am gonna review the city of Sabah which is Kota Kinabalu City . I stayed for two weeks at my friend's house so I don't know about the price  or any hotel there I am…