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Just beautiful .

I found something  , and I think it such a beautiful things to shared . 
How Adam was created . 
Menurut Ibnu Abbas , Izrail telah mengambil 13 jenis tanah untuk dijadikan Adam iaitu :
i . Tanah Baitul Maqdis untuk kepala manusia kerana di situlah tempat akalnya . ii  Tanah Tursina untuk telinganya kerana di situlah alat pendengaran dan mendengar nasihat . iii  Tanah Iraq untuk dahinya kerana di situ tempat bersujud kepada Allah iv Tanah Aden untuk mukanya kerana di situ tempat berhias dan kecantikan  v  Tanah telaga al-Kaustar untuk matanya kerana di situ tempat untuk menarik perhatian  vi Tanah al-Kautsar untuk giginya kerana di situ tempat manisan. vii Tanah Kaabah untuk tangan kanannya kerana di situ tempat mencari nafkah dan kerjasama sesama manusia. viii Tanah Parsi untuk tangan kirinya kerana di situ tempat beristinjak . ix Tanah Babylon untuk perutnya kerana di situ tempay seks (berahi) dan tipu daya syaitan yang menjerumus manusia ke lembah dosa . x. Tanah Bukit Thursina unt…


Final exams just around the corner as always as a student feelings terrified fear of exams . So do I feel a little bit worried , I think I should because  lately I've been skip many class ah I am so lazy to wake up early in morning well actually I want to wake up but I always overshoot hihi , so lazy to chaos then I continue  to sleep. 
I do know why I lose my sense to study , I miss me when I was in matriculation 'boleh tahan rajin ' maybe is been too long I leave it so it needs some time to get back  that sense .
After I perform my Isya' , I don't know I feels very sad it just suddenly . I imagined past stories, I imagined my life story . Thought about death .
Then I remember this .

Maybe this is my luck . I am not good muslimah yeah . 
Afiqah : weh semalam dinner number bertuah hang dapat apa ? Me : Cer teka ? Afiqah : Macam buku je . Me: Tak ah Al-Quran  Afiqah : Seriously? Woaa hang ta de rasa apa ke Me : Aku ada dua Al- Quran la  Afiqah : *Geling kepala 

Deeply , deeply , deeply little D

Sometimes I can't understand what or who I am . Lately 'we' figure out something well as you know next year I will become 20 years old , what tween-ty ahh no more 'belas-belas' is already 'puluh-puluh ' . Sound old dude .

It's remind me of my childhood when I was a child I always woke up in morning said ' Kan best besar boleh beli ini tu lagi-lagi barbie perhh nak full set ' - now I know how demand I was .
Now , I woke up ' Kan best kecik asyik  main je ' - now I know how being adult . Well life must go on right.

The only thing bothering us everyday yeah everyday is about  ' jodoh ' , well 4 of us still single . Actually I don't mind be single .  Freedom  . I do happy with my life  no boys cool beb . But you can't  run thinking about future I mean a guy will lead you , own a family , your child running around the baby crying ahh to be a wife and a mother . Gotta it ?

Jodoh itu rahsia Allah- yeah I know that but we should…

Here we go - Kuala Perlis

I do have a great time with them . This is 'our' first time run out from our prison to visit other place , well farthest near the town, see  just holed up in the  Sintok woods . How sad . So yesterday we went to Kuala Perlis with the tallest akk fakirah as the driver and the tourist guide akk ida .

Here we go .
First destination . Kuala Perlis . 

Seriously this thing ' sotong goreng tepung ' superbb . Sedap sangat , ini pun order untuk dua orang see banyak sangat .

I do love this picture , model - akk ida . Actually akk ida want to invite us to see the sunset, but the weather is  covered by mist. But is okay we do feel very fun to eat . Yummy . So pretty .

Then we perform our Magrib at 'masjid terapung ' .

Subahan' allah , I do admire this masjid . By the way ignore my face yeah . When the wind blow to the face I feels I can fly waaahh . I do love zephyr . I wish I can go there again its so beautiful .

Next location , steamboat .

Actually before we went thi…