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Wishlist bottle .

So , hello there is been a while and first I want to thanked to my followers in feedspot for following my blog. I quite shocked about it because I don't have this feedspot account and when I checked based on my page viewers , my top view from feedspot second from google and third from my twitter account , well I already have followers on feedspot it's feel great and thank you, this makes me excited to write more even  I was not so great in the field of writing .

Ouh yeah , is been long time I'm not write poem right ? Now the holiday season, so the brain does not work very properly but I'll write it again.

Today I'm gonna shared something worth maybe , especially for single women or girl . You should be happy ,  why you need to grieve for a man, so much more to you to explore and learn. Look at the world, the world is waiting for you to visit, you just need to find and keep looking to enjoy the beauty of the world.

I do not mean that man is not important, important also for companions alive. If your age range is 15-20  and you still studying, still do not have a permanent job and still not be able to support someone called your wife .  How to be a wife to a prospective husband , if you are still not smart enough to manage household affairs, still wake up late in the morning , you still young and still too much to learn and understand the meaning of the world.

For those already have a partner now and being happy, I congratulated and may last till the end of life, and before you go to the brink of a more serious nature of marriage you must need or want to do something for yourself because after this you will live in pairs and you will do all activities together right?

So here's my tips , you should do a serious wishlist before get married  or enjoy your single life . Spend every single day to appreciate yourself , your family members and your friends . I said if this is serious then you have to take seriously,so I wanted to share some tips and my wishlist .

I started taking it seriously with my wishlist when I was age 19.
So here my wishlist (some have been successful and some are still on the way to success (Insyallah ) )

- Treat a family dinner use your own money (do not have to book a luxury restaurant , just your family's favorite places was okay . I feel happy when my parents say 'thank you', you should try this) (accomplish)

- Own your own dream gadget with your own money (accomplish ) p/s but half of that my dad sponsor thanks dad

- Last minute plan with friends to go on vacation (accomplish) yeah I know it's crazy but is fun , we went to Langkawi Island with last minute plan for 2 days 1 night . Today we plan the next day we go . Awesome.

- own musical instruments (accomplish ) at least one

- own an Instax Printer (not yet but I'm dying to buy this stuff )

- go travel alone ( yes I will someday , I want to go to Australia , Melbourne )

- do a bungee jumping (perhaps )

- do some random dance in public (yeah )

You don't need to do your wishlist too much . For example, in a year you target two or three wishes when reached target others. This is the time you want to do crazy  stuff , this is the time to find the beauty and youth of the world, with the experience we will be more mature trust me . Try to have fun with your own .

I will give you some simple saving tips , it is so easy . I practice every day and it has become my habit . I saving one dollar everyday then when it has become 50 dollars I would go to the bank to enter the money into my account . Yeah simple one dollar for a day .

I also suggest you to open three bank accounts, one for savings accounts, one account for online shopping (for a girl is a must) and another account for your expenses.

So here my tips , I hope my  tips useful for you .

Thanks .


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