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Hello and peace upon to you all my readers and people who maybe accidentally click my blog ,
welcome back and it's me D back again. So how's your semester break? Good ? well, to be honest this my semester break kindda productive and I am quite busy with my DIY stuff and yeah sleeping and eating obviously. It's kind of sad that I still have 3 semesters to go because to finish my degree it takes 4 years. Bertabahlah wahai hati. Only one year and half jea. Is okay maybe my rezeki belajar kn.
So for this semester break I travel to Sabah for two weeks with my friend Piqa. We meet once for a year because long distance friendship relationship anyway thanks Piqa for bring me tour around Sabah well I hope you guess enjoy my story and I hope this may help for you guys who plan to go to Sabah someday. 
At first I am gonna review the city of Sabah which is Kota Kinabalu City . I stayed for two weeks at my friend's house so I don't know about the price  or any hotel there I am…