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Assalamualikum , peace be upon to you .

I've found some interesting to share and this words from Ustaz Azhar Idrus , 

This is what he said 
'' Kita bimbang nanti Allah akan tanya , kita duduk di  sekian  sekian sekian haribulan sekian haribulan  , kamu lihat tak kemungkaran yang berada di depan mata kamu ? Apa yang kamu buat ?Adakah anda benci pada kemungkaran ? Apa kita nak jawap ? . 
Kalau kita duduk masjid , kira duduk surau , kita dok bertasbih  , kita akan di pertanggungjawap di hadapan Allah kerana membiarkan bumi kita penuh dengan maksiat  ,
 ' barangsiapa yang menyaksikan maksiat  dan kemungkaran di hadapan matanya , maka wajib diubah dengan tangannya (kuasa) , orang yang tidak ada kuasa wajib mengubah kemungkaran wajib mengubah dengan mulut dangan lidah (lisan ) , kalau lidah pun tidak dapat bersuara maka dengan hati kita benci pada maksiat yang banyak sekarang ini berlaku , benci maksiat dalam hati adalah iman paling lemah '
Adakah kita duduk dalam golong…


You said you like her but you not that truthfully like her You said you love her but not full of your heart  who do you think you are  easily to expressed and  easily to forget  how could you and  how cruel  you are
sincerely, the dumbest girl on earth who trust you

#Quick update 13

Currently  I 'm so busy with assignments .  Too many tasks that I need to finish it but there is also my fault ,  kinda person who loves to do 'last minute' work , so far okay lah but there is also have some lecturer who hard to predict  . Today we are asked to make a given topic, the next  day we were asked to change the topic. I'm tired to deal with this kind of man , if I can  I just want to  punch his face. Kedebush .

I'm already starting to miss to write poetry, but lack of time. I need sem break! .  Pray for me and Insyallah  I will write a poem back.

Good luck in life.

Short message  from me : do not think too much about what people say. Try to learn to be grateful for what you have and people who faithfully with you (ie family and friends) and you're still capable and still alive. Try to learn easy to smile to some strangers (not flirting way OK) .Try to love yourself, when you love yourself , believe  me there are others began to fall in love with  yo…