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Alone again

I never thought, I might get tangled, trapped in the world, that created by human, who likes to play with human feelings.
sometimes I wish, when I walk, there may be by my side, someone will listen to  all the my words, my laugh, my jokes and  laughing with me, yet I still walk alone, abandoned by others, and I was alone again.
sometimes I wish, there is someone to accompany me, sitting by my side, while enjoying the beauty of nature, with loaded of people in the bus, when I turned , it's just an empty chair,  a bag on a chair, accompany me in silence journey , and I began to be alone again.
sometimes I wish, when I awake, there is someone by my side. which is still in the realm of dream, smile on the lips, but when I awoke, it's just an empty bed and a pillow. neat and tidy, and I'm still alone.
I never thought, I began comfortable with this life, walking alone, only heard  their laughter at behind, sitting alone, still accompanied by my pink bag. wake up in the morning, …