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UPU result

Olass and hello peeps haha so amcam anda punya UPU result , dapat woaa congrats laa .So semalam adalah hari se-sedih sedunia haha sape nasib dgn i laa. Pagi tu dah rase cam happy jer nak check , dalam pukul 11 lebih camtu dah bukak. Tgk news feed ada yg dah dapat so dgn bangganya taip number ic then
DUKACITANYA, i was like bullshit ! haha sorry . Apa pulak satu pun tak lekat. My friends asked me, dorang pun cam tak caya lah tapi nak wat cam ne . Maybe course yang i apply terlalu packed umm yeah or based on my kokorikulum marks yeah i know is suck ! .

Mmg i menagis time tu jugak , i tekan jugak saluran sabah sarawak mana tau dapat still DUKACITANYA. Yeah firstly i'm a little bit emotional ( umm sorry emotional gila -gila ) laa sape tak. Yeah rase cam bodoh giler dpn screen kot .

I terus log out ,keluar rumah lepak kat pondok ambik angin and it was rain haha lagi laa sedih .Haha cam cerita  hindustant kn, then suddenly my mum voice came out tah dari mana . ''Kalau nak berjaya mesti banyak dugaan'' . I was like yeah betul tu tak kan kena reject,  i dah mula  give up tiba-tiba matahari muncul woaa haha cam dlm movie lak kn haha the rain was stopped haha ade bunyi burung sikit 'chuppchupp' haha so yeah. I got back my positive charge huhu .

Then i discuss with papa semua. He asked me mohon laa kalau tak dapat matrix still ade. But i not interested with account . Papa cakap in this world mana boleh nak minat dgn tak . Yeah he was right. So this morning i woke up buat permohonan, first i rase nak ambik art and design sekali lagi but that course dah tak de so maybe it already fulled kot . So i've decide nak ambik course  perlancongan dgn asasi economic and science in UIA . Hope i will get hope so laa kan . So tunggu dan lihat laa :)

p/s i know Allah is planning what the BEST  for me . I'm thankful Allah :)


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