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Olass and still Sunday , another post . Okay my previous post 'homesick-1' , woaa i'm not expected ramai yang tertarik baca woaa great I've got  a few comments and some encouragement woaa that's really great , yeah shared what I know, thanks readers and followers . A million thanked . So today my post still about my preparation huwaa *wipe my tears.

So yesterday, shopping day! yeah. Location? of course laa Kuala Lumpur , kenapa tak Putrajaya? umm tak banyak pilihan sangat then Alamanda je tempat shopping arhh tak best . So apa i beli haha from tip of  my hair to my tip toe everything!, . Yeah baby ! thanks mum spent your money for me , I'm touched . A few tudung , then a few  baju kemaja  , cadar and last one shoe! Haha nak tgk ?

cute isn't  ? 

This is my second flat shoes, first one chocolate. Actually this year i  baru berminat nak pakai flat shoes , selama ney high heels so  baru sikit je shoes i . Guess what size this shoes? Yes right, 4! haha besarkn kaki i macam monster .So i nak bawak 3 kasut so another one la kena beli , umm warna kelabu cantik tak? .

Okay lepas shopping semua , malam semalam dah mula packing some stuff . Yeah, lagi beberapa hari jea.


done ,baru satu beg 

Guess what, cube teka i kena bawak berapa beg ?. Yeah betul ! Lima beg . Dalam beg tu semua baru baju kuliah, baju kurung. Belum lagi baju tidur, harian ,sukan , peribadi . Hahaha dashyat kan i . Tu laa tak pernah duduk asrama so semua barang kalau boleh nak bawak .
Shot  conversation with my mother , *thanks helped me packing some clothes yesterday. 

me: along rase tak sedap hati laa nak duduk asrama?
mama: memang laa kalau bercinta memang tak sedap hati .
me: ehh ke situ pulak , bukan laa
mama: tak, cakap terus terang laa.
me: nonsense laa *blushing . Pasal roommates .
mama ; biase lah kat situ mmg banyak pencuri banyak hantu
(JAHAT kan mama i !!!!)
me : ishh , dulu roommate mama okay ker? 
mama : baik
me: mama kenal roomates tu mase kecik ke?
mama: tak laa kenal,  pada masa time  register laa baru kenal  , course lain-lain tapi masa makan sama-sama camtu lah .
me: ouh, tapi camne erkk nak kenal roommates kita baik ke jahat?
mama ; cube try buat trick ?
me: trick apa?
mama: cube try letak duit dekat mana-mana laa senggit ke lima ringgit ke? , bagi kite nampak , pastu keluar kejap ke pergi toilet .  Kalau duit tu hilang , try tnya ade namapak duit saya tak?. Kalau dia cakap tak de, confirm  pencuri laa dia ataupun salah satu dalam tu pencuri .
me ; haaa' aa

Bijak sungguh mama i .So korang try laa buat tricky yang more creative ke kan . Cam ne laa nak hidup , bukan kite nak bersangka buruk cuma ye laa kena jugak ada jugak bersangka buruk sebab this is what we called life :) .
So tadi papa bagi i ney taraaaaa :-

LV case 

 Woaa thanks papa ! .Ney yang membuat I lagi semangat nak belajar. Mama cakap kalau boleh dapat kan result 'four flat ' maksudnya result yang terbaik . Woaa for sure i akan berusaha , lagipun dalam my wishlist pun i nak dapat top student dalam Matrix or University . So kalau dapat result bagus , Insyallah dapat tawaran belajar kat oversea , for sure laa everyone aim right ? Thanks all my family . Love ya huhu .

p/s I'm happy with my family, so dear haters i don't have time to hate you back . When karma comes back to punch you in the face, i want to be there and give you round applause :) . Take what you're deserve to get it .


  1. i think u're actually more ready than u think u are..
    chillax k, 4 sure u'll need some adjustments.. but everything will be juz fine.. =)


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