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Happy Teacher's Day

Olass and salam, hello readers as you know yesterday which  is16 May right? Is a Teacher's Day haha ! Happy Teachers day cikgu especially for all my teachers from SMKLK haha . So today i'm decide to do some entry about some my teachers ,  who teach me last year when I'm in form 4 and  5 ,  4 and 5Ar-Razi as an account student.

So the persons i want to thanked goes to -

Guru kelas saya Ustaza Rohana . Ustaza banyak bg perubahan kat saya, for example banyak doa dan  pelbagai solat eg:solat hajat, isqarah  yang tak pernah i tahu . Well i admit it, i mmg agak cetek tentang hal-hal camne , sedikit je i tahu. Banyak yang Ustaza i ajar bab solat hajat tu Alhamdulilah sampai sekarang i amalkan thanks so much . Ustaza jugak i dah anggap mama i yang kedua. Mase form 5 she is the only one know all my problems i'm not kind of person that i'll talk some my random friends  about my problems .Even my own mother pun tak tahu masalah i , cuma haritu Ustaza terlepas cakap kat mama i pasal masalah i  mase hari report card pertengahan tahun 2011 . *aisehhyyy ustaza ney . Semalam asal call Usataza  tak angkat ? (umm busy bukak hadiah kot ) anyway Selamat Hari Guru . 

Then my Math teacher *okayyy i forgot her name laa haha i'm usually called the teachers based on the subject  that person teach for example i always called 'cikgu PJK, cikgu sivik' and so on alaa lupa laa nama cikgu .

Anyway- she also my special person jugak, before ney i 'membency' subject math. Jangan cakap laa mase form 3 Math selalu fail *tak fail bukan didy  . Lepas naik form 4, cikgu ney ajar math i terus minat giler lagi-lagi pernah dapat 100% time form 5 mase ujian pertama  (japp bangga jap ) thanks cikgu . So dah fall in love dgn math laa Alhamdulilah sepanjang exam tu dapat A cume trial SPM je dapat C sbb terlalu overconfident sangat tu laa . So korang jgn terlalu overconfident sgt time exam . But SPM dapat A balik hihik . Actually semua tu sbb cikgu yang ajar saya. Terima Kasih cikgu . I still keep in touch dgn cikgu jugak tapi number cikgu ney i tak de, so guna facebook je laa . Cikgu Math adalah salah satu cikgu  yang memanggil i 'didy' most of teacher( well not most ALL teachers )called me 'diyana' tp cikgu ney dah macam kawan dah . Cikgu tu jugak org pertama yang tgk result i before diumumkan haha cikgu ney malu laa saya .

My account teacher Pn .Wan Zawiyah , haha i love her so much haha bukan sebab anak dye handsome haha *handsome giler  anak dye! . Pn.Wan dah bersara dah tapi even dye bersara  before kiterung exam SPM but STILL dye buat extra class . Hebatkn cikgu ney . Banyak laa Pn.Wan tolong i dalam account from zero sampai i boleh buat . Alhamdulilah my account dapat A in SPM. Sekarang pun saya akan sambung belajar mengambil course account. Actually i mmg tak pernah nak jadi accountant tp nak buat macam mana rezeki i account  kot so kalau memilih sangat takot mengangur pulak . Semalam lepas dah dua kali call cikgu akhirnya dapat cakap dgn cikgu.We both have a short conversation thru the phone , she said i'm weird person haha did i ? actually because UPU result laa  I'm apply my art and design course not accounting course that's why laa i tak di terima dalam UPU result haha . Yeah dah biase ramai cakap i pelik even my both parents . Anyway millions thanks.

Ade laa beberapa cikgu yang lain for example my English teacher .Teacher Partvender haha she is unforgettable person . Tak caya go on try you asked anybody sape pernah kena diajar oleh beliau i bet you no one can't forget her  . But mase dye ajar i , i tak pernah dengar sekali pun dye sebut nama i , cuma mase nak bagi exam paper punya result . Kalau ade presentation or whatsoever yang dye nak suruh buat in front of class . She will called me 'you , girl at the back ' sebab i duduk belakang sekali so officially to her my name ' girl at the back ' okey  i accept it .

Ramai la semua cikgu , banyak sangat malas nak type , anyway saya nak mengucapakan terima kasih kat semua cikgu yang pernah ajar saya, as the result i'm gonna continues my study this May . Terima kasih atas ilmu dan berkat semua cikgu . Thanks A LOT , Only Allah can repay it for you and i'll pray for yours blessing :') thanks so much cikgu . Sincerely your ex student :')

p/s i rase Jumaat ney kena balik kampung , because my grandma masuk hospital dah lama tak keluar lagi, so tak elok laa kita tak ziarah so bye-bye blog for a few days without you and without any signal there :'( no phone no lappy  whaha sedih .


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