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Hello there , well I got FB notification that someone is stalking my blog . Gotcha! well I do welcome people read some my  masterpiece carps story here . So hello there, hope you enjoy.

For your fun fact about my blog : I create my blog since I was in form 3 or 4 if I am not mistaken and last week (maybe ) I already turned 21 years old  (yey HAPPY BIRTHDAY !) so that's means I already (7 or 6 YEARS as a blogger ) or as a silent blogger .Good job D. 

So this semester break, my family and I went to Sarawak for our family vacation and yeah for my birthday trip also. Why Sarawak ? well another fun fact : I was only born in Sarawak but then we have move to Sabah. Sarawak language its really unique and I love it. My dad, he is  really fluent speak in Sarawak language , so he teach me a lot at first I don't understand but then I find it's kindda cool. Firstly, I want thanked to my parents for this birthday trip because my parents terpaksa ambik cuti and my adik beradik yang lain terpaksa ponteng sekolah sebab my birthday date  bukan time cuti sekolah so yeah. Thanks I do appreciated it and I do have fun. 

So yeah I do have a lots of video and only few of pictures sebab cadang nak edit video pastu tetibe movie maker rosak and cable rosak so sorry for the quality hope you guys enjoy.

p/s idk why after the video it have a picture, please ignore the picture. Duh I am so frustrating! 

Beautiful sun rise view from sky

We reached Kuching International Airport at 11 a.m , then we check in our hotel in Kuching city. Korang mesti cakap eh mana ade orang check in hotel waktu pagi , but we are lucky because hotel yang kami duduk tu my dad's friend punya. Then we rent a car for 3 days in Sarawak  so it will be more easier for us to move one place to other places and sewa kereta pun my dad's friend punya . That's why my dad always pesan kawan biar ramai especially biar banyak tempat so nanti senang kalau nak travel tempat orang , cewah but too bad I am not friendly . The good things  is when you travel with your family is you do not have to worry about money right hoho.

Okay back to motion , so the first place is a must when you in Sarawak , you must visit 'Culture Village' the fee for each person RM 60,00 (adult) and RM 30.00 ( kid) , well we also lucky too because the owner of this place is my dad's friend so it's free for us . I feels so lucky to be in Sarawak like I belong here , muahaha. So click here to know about culture village

This is  the view when you enter the culture village 

You can see the Sentubung Mountain ,pretty right ? 

Bambo bridge to visit the village houses 

This is one of the example of culture village house, I forgot already represent what ethnic groups but this house only for man to stay normally for preparation of war. 

Another house for Bidayuh ethnic group if I am not mistaken 

There are many houses you guys can visit, they also have a person who in charge in every houses wearing their traditional cloth and act like their part of this ethic group so you guys can ask the question, its quite interesting and very informative.

Then during the evening, they have culture dance at one hall. They will represent to you their traditional culture dance for every ethnic in Sawarak . To me its was so interesting  and we do enjoy it. 

The Bidayuh kot people traditional dance, *pehal tetibe mak cik depan ni main sandar-sandar pulak*

One of the most gempak traditional dance , I forgot to record 

The dance performance is mostly like 45 minutes or 1 hour . I was too excited so forgot to record you guys should come here. 

The best place to have your dinner . Top Spot is on the top of THC building. MUST TRY and you guys can enjoy watch the Kuching City from the top while enjoy your dinner. It's pretty. 

The next day we just went to food haunting , and buy some 'kek lapis Sarawak' it is so delicious the price is RM 10 > RM 25. *emoji thumbs up*

To be honest , food in Sarawak is so so so delicious . The seafood at here is so fresh and big , the dish I would recommend to you guys Udang Barter or Barter Shrimp , I give 10/10 , for the seafood lover this is your heaven seafood place to eat. Thanks to me later. The Sarawak people is very pleasant and friendly, yeah they are. You guys will feel welcome to be here , serious talk. 

You guys can also enjoy the scenery of Kuching by cruise.

And next day we went to Serikin which is it's quite far from Kuching City , it took 1 hour 30 minutes to reach there. The place it is quite rural but don't worry the road is okay. Serikin is a border between Malaysia and Indonesia , so for those who want to buy souvenir, Serikin is the best place and you will get more choice and cheaper but it quite far. My dad said tikar Sarawak paling murah.

Nah it's time to say goodbye. The most thing I like be in Sarawak is, this place it is very clean yes, it's really hard to find rubbish beside the road or whatsoever. Sarawak is the cleanest place I have been so far. Goodjob Sarawak people and proud to be Sarawakian. Hihi. 

I hope you guys enjoy read my story and have a try to visit Sarawak in future. 

Bye Sarawak


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