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Alhamdulilah , so last month I went to Phuket with my friend Farah . Thanks for be my travel partner. Khup khun kap (thank you in thai  language ) . We went there for 6 days and 5 nights and we were lucky because Sunwa she is from Thailand  which is our course mate in our Uni  thanks for be our  tour guide along we were there .Thanks .We enjoyed it .  So I'm gonna review for the interesting place in Phuket more specifically in Patong . Ouh yeah another one we also get help by Sunwa's friends ( Yusof , Haroon and Yaya ) with the help of their as local people it becomes easier our trip in Phuket . Thanks so much and knowing you guys  it's the best part .

I hope you guys will enjoy read  my story even I'm not good in writing. (soo I'm gonna put a lot of pictures  )

From Phuket Airport to Patong it will takes about 45 minute quite far , The reason why I choose to stayed in Patong because it's near the beaches so I book hotel there (this is what I read from people hotel reviews ) but the reality is it quite far okay , QUITE FAR if you walking from the hotel . Damn those people but it's okay thank god we got car and the driver . If you want to drive in Phuket is quite dangerous because the streets are very hilly and the road is narrow, so be careful.

Actually we have some conflict for the hotel booking , I already booking our hotel at booking . com but I don't get any conformation from the hotel, we already try to call the hotel but no ones answer it so we decided to take risks just go to hotel and check whether our names  are there and thank god our names are in the list . Alhamdulilah . 

So Yusof and Sunwa bring us for dinner , in Patong it's quite hard to find halal food , yeah so it's quite far from our hotel to find halal food you must take a taxi , tuk tuk or car . 

Sorry I can't remember what the name of this restaurant but yeah it was nice all the design of this restaurant are  made from bamboo, palm leaf as a  roof  and you can enjoy  your meals while watching the sunset .  The price it's quite expensive because maybe this is the only main place you can get halal food , but it is not that bad . All the dishes without rice it's price 100 bath // RM 10 and if you want add rice 20 bath // RM 2 , it's only white rice okay . 

Then after Magrib Prayer , Yusof takes us to Khaorang  Sea Brezz ( i don't know where )
lights of city

This place located on the top of hills so you can see the Phuket city , it was nice with the wind blowing gently . 
Next we went to night market which is you can buy the souvenir way more of cheaper and a variety of choice from you buy from mall . The night markets it only open  on weekends only but we were so unlucky because we reached there a little bit late so many of shop already closed . Haiyaa . 

Next morning , Yusof bring us to snorkeling to rock island  there are many beaches there a lot okay so I can't remember the names okay , I hope you guys understand . Sorry yeah .
waddap people 
from left (yaya , me , sunwa , farah )

So we gonna take a boat to go the rock island 

hello rock island 
The water it is so blue . Cantiknya . 

star fish and half of yusoff 
after 2 hours snorkeling 

Then we were taken sightseeing to see other islands

this is called delta in malay in geography terms . cewah

Next to Karon view point 

then Promthep Cape 

E dia pelik sikit macam tuanya

Next , Jungcelon Mall

it's so cute tapi mahal nak mati
Next , Phuket Old Town

Do you see the red one in this picture , that one called tuk tuk which is more cheaper than taxi . 

Taraa I just knew that in Thailand they also got Baba Nyonya people same like us in Melaka , Malaysia . They also wear Kebaya , and I bet you guys just know it right ? after I tell this right? right?

Bye Phuket 
- THE END - 


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