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Assalamualaikum, so D back again . I already finished my 4th semester as a degree student so another 4 semester left . Can't believe it I can go thru and just finished my finals last weeks ( I guess) and I don't know what to say but I have done my best (ye kea?) even though I banyak main. 

Actually today, Abah and I plan to go to bookstores because I already finish read all my books so habis stock especially bulan puasa kuasa rajin mula merasuk dalam diri al-maklumlah setan tak de but yeah as we already or biasa dengar  ' kita merancang Allah menentukan ' and Allah telah menentukan tidak pergi , huhu I is so sad , is been long time I tak bau buku baru  because we have to  do some kemas rumah sebab mostly hari ni cuti but is so okay *pegang dada la tahzan 

So I decide want to shared a few of my books collection  (2014 /2015)  that I think it was okay . Bear in mind I'm not a person  who likes to read love genre (yup ) Last I read love genre when I was in form 5 , yeah as we grow ups we know all those love in these books DOES  NOT EXIST OKAY and I'm kind of person DO NOT WATCH ANY DRAMA MELAYU AND ENGLISH (yuhoo) proud to say because all those stuff was crap , well it sometimes it cliche you know orang miskin khawin orang kaya, then anak luar nikah then mati sebab sakit and khawin paksa bagai (mostly cerita melayu) I don't like a story telling or novel then it easily to predict its so boring. But a few maybe like so pilihan and option masing-masing. So relax.

So mostly my genre more to biography (which is the writer tells about their story life which is true story (i like).  

Taraa this is the genre of bibliography ( my fav) 

and my favorite is Beautiful by Katie Piper I will give rate 10/10

Okay this story about Katie she is a beautiful women and working hard to be a model if I am not mistake then she know one guy on Facebook can't remember what his name . Then they contact each other on Facebook until they met up, Katie found this guy a very charming person so she likes him , he likes her. But actually this guy a little bit pshyo which is he is really obsess with Katie until one day he brought her to one hotel , hurt her and she decided to run away. But there have one guy ( her boyfriend upah orang (oh may god what this in English) suddenly pour acid on her face and so on so on , yeah for me its quite interesting you guys should read it and a little bit spoiler 

this is her , pretty right 
she is suffering because of acid 
she is recovering from it
I actually admire with the spirit she got and never give up . Too many challengers but she really brave women.

My second fav book is Mummy is a killer  by Nikkia Roberson 

This book about her mummy was ill or we can called it mental problems , her mom kill her brother and sister by boil them so dramatic and yeah you can read more . I don't want to be a spoiler anymore aha. 

I do have few motivation genre but so far 

This one was okay laaa and I know a bit lah how men actually thinks cewah , but I do have some knowledge lah but what this book was written is true mostly guy just want to have fun but mostly girls always want to take serious so I think is quite right , that's why guy easily annoy with his girl . And most interesting I know how guy will pujuk all her girlfriends (opss plural nampak ) and majority perempuan cepat sangat cair Alahai dorang guna teknik sama jea untuk semua perempuan  and I rasa heh kurang ajaq punya jantas sekalian . It was good and I boleh berhati-hati .

 I do some Malaysian author collection (baru nak buat collection ) what I found is SUMPAH BEST


All of these books all my favorite 

I do recommend to all Malaysian's people buy this books it is soooo worth it and especially its bring back up to memories when we was a kid , sometimes I sendiri pun almost lupa eh ha aa la pernah buat macam tu .It was a really really reallly realllyy  good comic la I can say so this is how the inside of this book

Super cute doodles and I can't wait When I was a Kid 4 if ade lah . The writer is Boey he is from Malaysia but he was school at Singapore but stay in Malaysia , I am so proud of him can make this books can remember kenangan masa kecil . Its totally worth it okay serius. 

Then Matlufhi okay everyone knows that , and this is my first time read Anwar Hadi punya buku and I just know he is a vlogger sorry about that and I do like his book 

 Okay la jugak I like it 

And a few my poems collection 

So far I didn't find yet my favorite but most people said Lullabies but I am not read it yet because not in poems mood  or jiwa gramatis bahasa lagi but will get that mood soon .So I can easily understand and berjiwang with the book gituw kalau mood tu hadir datang mencergah perhh menusuk sanubari memenuhi organ organ ruang ruang tubuh okay enough. So yeah. 

Okay this is review for my books collection 2014 and a few 2015 will be adding more . I know macam sikit because I was so busy baca buku kuliah hewhew poyo. Okay bye for now and selamat mengamalkan budaya membaca. I do hope it will give you or help you or benefits lah . So have a nice semester break and happy holiday and salam ramadhan mubarak. 


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