oh it''s Thursday! tomorrow Friday and Saturday I am going back and Sunday I died
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 @ 22:10

Hello there, actually I am in stress mood cuz well you know my semester break gonna end soon and back to reality . Yeah back to assignments , quizzes and presentation . 

Frankly talk, this semester it is been very tough for me (ouh well every semester I will repeat same phase right?)  I am so not ready yet to go back to my university life , can I just drop this semester? . I think I cannot handle it anymore , too much pressure . *sigh 

Currently I am so busy with my research paper *whoop whoop yeah, one of the most tough subject for this semester and guess what , last night I have a dream I talk to my lecturer about my research . Lol, 

Actually dah banyak kali juga I have a dream, I present my proposal, attending lecture, doing assignment yeah serious talk tengok penangan sem ni sampai terbawak - bawak ke mimpi . Dah tak tahu nak buat apa dah, bangun pagi buat assignments dalam mimpi pun buat assignments , wow D your life just awesome. 

Ouh back to my topic , I am working on my research about jeng jeng recreational park in Kedah  and plus because I love nature so why not ? and the interesting part is , my research topic ta ramai orang buat eventho it also known as the longest canopy in the world okay , I bet not many people know that one of the longest canopy in the world located in Kedah, Malaysia even Malaysian people and even local community in Kedah too. *tajuk research di rahsiakan uit takot orang tiru aipp*

So I am working on it but yeah it is pretty hard because not many people do research about this site so I lack of information and supporting articles so it's make me so frustrated. Guess what I have to submit my research paper by end of this month, just great! baru nak buat literature review , what a miserable life.

Masa cuti ni I visit la tempat tu, do some interview with Imam dekat kampung tu, people that handle that recreational park , manager hotel tempat tu, sampai kereta telanggar pokok bunga, adventure betul research topic I ni. Alhamdulilah they give very good cooperation and thanks my mom accompany me and my mom also help during interview session asking questions , due to I got ulser on my tongue so I barely hard for me to speak and eat . Dugaan betul. Tempat tu cantik sangat , I will do post about that place okay later but for this moment I can't let you know first because I do my research that place so shhhh 

Lepastu lepas naik cuti ni kena present interview with 4 star  manager hotel and guess what I tak jumpa hotel lagi. I already try many times tapi semua reject and the worst thing one of 4 start hotel in Perlis, dia punya HQ uh such a rude person. Eyyyy geram dia sampai sekarang. Still working on it , and guys siapa kat sini your dad or your dad's friend hotel manager please help me. *sigh

To be honest , dari start semester sampai nak dekat final ni assignments tak pernah settle nak cakap I tak buat, buat jea tapi asyik bertambah . Yeah I know biaslah kehidupan  student , and student pun ada perasaan stress juga so  I just said je. Just hope for the best , and wish all the best and goodluck with our life . 

I always try to be positive saying to my self , is okay InsyAllah one day your hard work will paid off . So yeah the end . I know it is awkward but writing it is make me feel more better , nak makan mahal-mahal duit tak de muahahahah so menulis je noks.  ouh thanks for reading , yeah I know you are reading so good luck with your life okay , oh one more thing don't forget to smile ! have a nice day