Friday, 4 September 2015 @ 01:57

Sometimes I just wondering , 

why do we have to meet,
whereas you began to leave me.
without a word and without any notes.

why do we have to know each other,
and the end, 
we just became a stranger

why you should say,
love is beautiful and sincere,
but ultimately you are the one who ,
deface the beauty and denies our promises

why are you trying to build a wall of trust at first,
powerful and invincible,
after all this time I stayed and began to trust.
but at the end you pulled down.
destroyed and shattered.

why did you start to give me happiness,
that it was only a moment for me to taste the sweetness,
but at the end  you also gave me the bitterness of suffering,
which leaves the this scars forever.

why did you give me a smile,
behind your sweet words, your laughter and your jokes,
but eventually you left me,
silently without a word
where at the moment I really need you

And I also wondering ,

why should I give it a chance,
I believe that you are different from the others.
and maybe you are the one for me
but ultimately,
you just the same ,
like others.


maybe I am just kind of person
who don't deserve to 
taste and feel what
happiness are. 
Truly ,
yes me