you don't know how it feels.
Saturday, 2 November 2013 @ 23:07

Finally it's mid-sem break but seriously is not feels like a mid-sem it feels a mid-sem assignment .

I had thought to take a break from studying but again after answering statistic paper like a bullshit . Yeah I just don't want to talk about that,  because of  this paper I've skip my statistics class  , yeah lazy to get off from the bed in early that morning then seeing your lecturer face like your seeing  the  answer sheets will get zero .

Maybe I am a person so easily get depresses , maybe perhaps ? I dunno . Sometimes we not depress on the work we should done but, the person who we should face it right?

Yeah , I know not everyone can follow our pace and not all of us can follow he/her pace. We are born with differences and differences of character. Some said  that the differences can be close friends and some said friend can be triggered when there is a similarity. Gota it?

I personally do not know whether I am guilty or not but  if we are in the situation we must feel that we are right. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone but I will speak on sufficient evidence. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I too hope and maybe I too believe. Not everything can be made close friends. Friends are friends. Work is work, and this is the difference. Friends are for work and friends for have a fun and  laugh very different this is what I am learning .

I tried to stop whining, I'm pursuing knowledge. I do sincere self.

Some might say "Gently admonish him/her" but giving reprimand to someone new is not easy. Maybe I thought too bad to people,  Allah will help a servant who earnestly to learn and do with sincerity. Forgive my harsh language, sometimes it is also important gravy .

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