Sunday, 17 November 2013 @ 21:36

Have you ever feel you want to be him/ her . I mean  want to be in him/her shoes . 
Looks so perfect whatever you want you will get with just finger picking . 
Then , when boys/girls passing by looking at you just a first glance and not making the second thought . 
Then , no worries any quiz or exam because you actually incredible intelligent . 
Have you? Same goes me . 
I don't know why suddenly I write it , maybe I motivate myself .  But , this is human nature . 

Actually without we  thought that up people who want to be like us . They see us . 
Yeah human cycle . We never feels satisfied with our self .

Life like a shoes  
Looks pretty / smart outside 
Try you to wear it
Big or Small
Try to walk it
Loose or  Hurt
Then you will know
This is my life
Why I
Am I 

We have different size and different test . God has given us the exact size and fit for us. Our job is to wear it or throw it . All people have their own tests . As we grow the large size feet. So also our  life the more we grow the greater the expectations.

Shoes . 

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