Quick update #10
Saturday, 23 November 2013 @ 19:32

I skip class today . So bored in class , when your foreigner lecturer try to speak in malay and you was like haaaa whaaatt you know you like deaf people and your mouth open try to catch up his words  , well yeah is good for him learn our language but for me it was D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R , I am who will sit in examination   . Now I can imagine how my grades  will be , ahhhh .

Yeah little D bad girl now but best apa ponteng kelas . I have an intention to do it again la .

So November , is quite busy for me , do that do this.

This is my first time become committee members  in an islamic program . The program called 'MAN ANA' siapa saya . Is quite interesting,  I experience that I can learn and how do I handle program, well is quite tiring but it was great . By the way is religious program so that we can improve the knowledge about religion, it's very exciting to be learned.

two boom - my cheek , how worst . Ugly me and my roommate .

First time , jadi AJK pegeng tag nama jela ,  I am place for registration for kaum adam . With pretty fara and akk leaceh .  

Is quite bad , not many guys participate on this program . To me is quite sad , as a leader  as the priest of the congregation, the adam should know more about the religion, because the adam that will lead women. I feel sad just  a few  candidate only come and only a few  that  we can be made a priest. Ishh ishhh . 

with ustaz manis (at the middle between two bakal imam *cewah)  , omggad his voice perhh super . When he recited verses of al-Quran cuts,  bristle hairs erect . Very melodious. 

I hope there will be more such initiatives. See you in the next semester. Yeah I know truly ugly . 

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