world gets better
Monday, 19 August 2013 @ 08:58

Hello there , only left less than two weeks from today I will study the way off there. Where? well still in the north. Maybe this is my fate  .

Am I ready? .

I do not know.

My heart is strong rebel don't want to go .but at the same time my mind keep saying just go , you need a space and you need run for a while from those drama is happening .

This week my busy week and I am very excited , yeah you know . My shopping week . My mind getting crazy with those 'sale' word with  that cloth , that dress , that shoes , this handbang , that -this . I just can't control myself .

As my mom usually said ' I'm getting be hysteria saw those thing . Duhh. Normal-lah .

Anyway just wish luck for me . (I don't know what to write that's why I'm  leaving so much space )

Happy Shopping Day !

'' When I shop , the world gets better , and the world is better , but then it's not , and I need to do it again'' -Sophie Kinsella

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