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Who knows............

Who knows it just a doa' 

'' Ya Allah betulkan kau pandang aku lagi , Ya Allah betulkah kau sayang aku , Ya Allah jika benar tolong la hamba-mu ini , aku betul-betul nak berubah tapi aku tak tahu macam mana nak mulakan , Amin''

Who knows it just a first step with a heavy heart 

'Selamat Datang ke Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang ' 

Who knows it just a short conversation 

Me : Ehh kita satu practicum kan? 
Maziah : Ha'a
Me: Jom la pergi class sesame, meh la masuk bilik kita
Maziah : ouh okay
Me : Name sapa erk? lupa laa..
Maziah : Maziah .

Who knows it just a discussion group 

Afiqah : Nak number boleh , senang nak contact nanti .
Me : Alaa , tak ingat la number , jap erk . Name? 
Afiqah : Afiqah 

Who knows it just sitting position side by side

Who knows we become closer and closer 

Who knows it gonna be a changes 

Me : Wei kau perasan tak ? hewhew
Maziah : Perasan
Me : Apa-apa ? hehe
Maziah : Kau pakai tudung ,  tutup dada .  Kami dah perasan tapi takot nak tegur . 
Me : knn entah la aku pun ta tahu kenapa , sebab malu dengan korang kot . 

Another changes 

Afiqah : fuyooo ade orang  pakai hand-sock laa
Me: shh diam ah malu aku
Afiqah : wei asal? haha alhamdulilah hehe
Me : Tempias ustazah maz kot , kau pun hmm boleh la , percik sikit ah ,haha .
Afiqah : kuang aja hang!
Me: Tah, kan semalam Pn. Rosilah soh aku buat kat whiteboard depan tu . Baju aku pakai tu licin bila aku            angkat tangan , lengan baju tu jatuh la . Time tu aku rase semua pandang kat tangan aku . Aku tibe-tibe       rase malu sesangat , Padahal tangan je pun tp tah . 
Afiqah : Hmm tak pe laa hidayah hang kot . 
Me: Tapi panas sikit la haha
Maziah : Alaa mula-mula memang la nanti hang dah biasa laa.

Who knows it just a little thing of changes become as a routine.

Who knows it just a little supportive and advice .

Me : Wei , aku rase kn , aku takot la nak balik KL
Maziah : Asal?
Me : Ye la kat sini aku ade korang , roommates aku pun ade nak guide aku . Aku takot aku berubah balik .
        Kat sini tutup pastu sampai sana bukak balik . Aku ta nak 
Afiqah : Ye la kiterung ney guide hang je , kat sana hang pikiq la ,Hang berubah sebab apa? Sebab Allah                   kn?
Maziah : Allah akan tolong hang kalau hang betul-betul nak berubah .
Me: Doakan aku tau.
Afiqah : Hang pa perasan dak , ramai yang masuk matriks dah pakai tudung .
Me: Memang ah , sistem kat sini gila ketat , islamic , yang datang2 mostly budak sekolah agama tutt uhh.
Afiqah : Aku tak maziahh ah.
Me : Kau alim gak ,hehe

Who knows it just a friendship build less than a year can make changes 

Alhamdulilah, although I was naive and foolish in this religion , but I'm trying to change. I do not fully know, but I am learning.

Who knows , no one knows .. Allah's plan is perfect'm secretly . 

 It is true what they say, if someone want to change and want something seriously Allah will give way to his servants. Never stop giving up . 

pths taken by me 

With a lots of love to my bestie Afiqah Ibrahim and Maziah Mohammad . Take care up there . Miss you guys! Thanks for everything . Sahabat Surgawi . Forever friends . 

p/s posted because I just miss them . Sad face . 


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