Definition ?
Thursday, 15 August 2013 @ 03:00

Do you know the real mean  of ' money' ?
Do you know the real mean of 'love' ?
Do you know the real mean  of 'family' ?

I don't know what those thing real mean . What I know, those three words that when combined give a deep meaning . When you have MONEY they will LOVE you and we as a FAMILY

I'm tired face of all this drama for 8 years . Maybe they see we  happy, maybe they see we smile, maybe they saw we laugh but they do not see the sense of frustration, tears and hatred. 

Not everyone has a happy family, what use money  but not happy, what is the point if the family is not together and hated each other. what is its purpose?

Does escape from all this gives them satisfaction? 

I do not know when the 'big day' comes.

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