Never losing it .
Thursday, 30 May 2013 @ 21:58

phts&edit by myself 

Dear June please be lucky for me . May ? I just don't know .

I've  get a job but.. now it's bring me so stressful down to earth
I've  met a new friends but ... now they must go somewhere else
I've new crush but .. he also go someplace
He met me but... it's bring to a huge fight
I've a date but ......

It's long pause there . I just don't know what to said .

Everything went well at first but then everything went wrong . And wrong and always wrong .
Yeah like they said someday we'll be on top and someday we'll down beneath into the layers of the earth into how though I'm not sure.

But I never felt that I would always be on top always below and below and below..
With patience and sincerity..I  keep believing on my fate that one day, though not yesterday .. today or tomorrow .. but I still believe that one day my future is bright.

I'll make it . ...

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