I'm gonna stop it .
Sunday, 12 May 2013 @ 03:33

I don't know whether this feeling was right or wrong but I think I should let go and keep moving forward .

I'm getting bored with you,
Bored with all our conversation ,
Bored with your drama,
Bored with everything.

Maybe having a crush feeling with you  was enough for me , but loving you , it was wrong and totally wrong and frankly I never fall in love with you.

You're my crush since second semester  we met at cafe . I was there you was there .We looking each other and smiling each other . Still remember you staring at me then I'm getting shy hiding behind my friend back  from meeting your eyes.


Since we often bumped several times, looked at each other and smile, we always find a reason and a way to meet. And I also know you already have your partner even you never told it .

I'm okay with it.. because you only my crush, love the way your smile, love the way your style , love the way you are . It's not wrong having crush on someone boyfriend right .

But, you make step forward ,

I'm a little bit excited actually , we spend our night talking about you. me . everything .

But ,

The longer I know you, the more I think you other than what I thought. You other than what I expect, so I'm feeling pretty up here, because I sympathize with your girlfriend if she knew the truth. Even though you never tell me you have it .  I'm a woman so I understand her feelings. I am not a hijacker.

So goodbye .

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