End of Chapter as Matriculation Student.
Wednesday, 1 May 2013 @ 08:25

How fast time flies , finally 30 April 2013 . Me as a matriculation student become an ex -student. This feeling such a great feeling, there's no more books, no more staying up for tomorrow paper , no more same dishes at cafe (oppsi) , no more an assignment to pass up and most importantly NO MORE STUDY! I'VE A BREAK FOR FIVE MONTHS. I'm such a happy girl.

Okay so here some advice for  who get  matriculation offer and future matriculation students all around the world (acceh). I should admit it, being a matriculation  student is not easy yeah seriously , choosing matriks as your future place for study is such a big decision . You must get a good pointer in first sem to cover up your second sem pointer . So this is my journey ..

Firstly my heart sank when I got an offer matriks in some country (prefer to be untold) it's miles away from my home . When I'm there I don't have any friends (forever alone) but actually that time I  have rough time to believe in friendship I've  been betray by my best friend but now she my only  my enemie  . I'm okay with that. Actually when I reached there I feels totally uncomfortable with the room, with the system there too Islamic not suitable with me , yeah seriously but...

Then I follow the flow met up some people, in this matriculation even it just for one year it changing me a lot , Knowing what friendship means, knowing how to be a real muslimah  and knowing relationship with Allah Almighty , Alhamdulilah for a better person , and in this place I meet up my best friends and awesome roommates  Insyallah till Jannah , I'm so grateful and thankful . So who already  get the matriculation offer just take it maybe there's some better reasons Allah already planned for you  so good luck dear junior  , maybe first you will say you regret to take it, but when the program ended you will miss it like me lorh .

 p/s most guys in Physic course totally cute and naughty so keep eye on it :P

le roommates 

the only my lovely bestie love them so so much ! Forever friends. 


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