end of chapter 12 of 12 (2016)
Thursday, 12 January 2017 @ 05:36

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody, 

First of all Happy New Year guys! yeah I know is been like 12 days we have already stepped into 2017 , a little bit late wish because I was so busy with my finals as senior student (fuyoo). 
Alhamdulilah hope everything went well especially my research. Wish me luck and goodluck to you guys too, May Allah bless and ease everything. 

So every year I am gonna review back all the good memories that happened in my life. Well my 2016 is not that bad and is not that great it just average, ‘so-so’ je. So here some places and memories in my 2016 , so here we go:- 

1) I went to Sabah for visiting my friend for 2 weeks, so you guys might click Explore with Dys (2 weeks in Sabah) to know details about the trips and tips

2) I went to Singapore last year, so about the journey and the details you might click Explore with Dys (One country Three Districts in One Week)

3) Next, I went to Pulau Aman, this place it was quite clean and only 200 people stay at this village. It was my short break with my dad's side family. The place quite beautiful and calm place and I also don't know this place are also one of the tourist place was recommended as a tourist attraction. When I went to this place I only noticed that only a few foreign tourists from Japan. Maybe this place is not so well known because many people who visit here just to do the ‘fishing’ activities. I am kind of fan of fishing too. I know not many girls like this fishing activities and I am the only girl in my dad’s side like fishing. So people who out there like fishing I might recommend this place, if you guys want to visit this place you guys need to take a boat because to reach this place only by boat. You guys can take the boat from Pulau Aman Jetty, it was very nice place but I am quite sad because you know people did not take care of the sea and the water is not that clean, haish. They also said this place popular with ‘mee udang’ tapi I makan biasa je haha mahal ada lah but taste org lain-lain kan so nak try boleh lah.

4) Last but not least, my senior year with my friends. 

A little appreciations post:-

To Shyra :-
Thanks for being my roommate for almost 4 years even last sem kena pindah bilik tak tentu pasal and she always be my motivator whenever I’m feeling down and little bit emotional tak tentu pasal. Always dengar cerita I yang tah apa2 even nampak tupai tepi jalan pun cerita because I suka bercerita dan dia layankan aja so thanks for always lend your ears for me.

To Yas & Aini :-
Thanks for being my close friends,  thanks for always be there whenever I need you help and need your opinions and advises. Thanks for all the free foods you guys feed me for almost 4 years because you guys know how to make me happy. Thanks for always laugh on my lame jokes, Thanks for the ups and downs for my degree journey and thanks for having me as part of your life cewah gituww.
I hope we still be friends until the rest our life haa gituw, I am so glad that we met since first day and still stick together until end of 7th semester hope we can meet again on our convocation day okay? 

To everyone:- 
And for people I know secara langsung dan tidak langsung thanks for all the memories. May Allah bless you guys too.  

For this year, I did not put any hope.  Just follow the flow, still stick with my one year one country. InsyAllah hope still ada rezeki lagi nak explore dunia and frank talk I am kind of a little bit excited for this year , I don't know why but hopefully it will be as a great year.  

- T H E E N D O F 2016 -