Friday, 20 December 2013 @ 10:47

Final exams just around the corner as always as a student feelings terrified fear of exams . So do I feel a little bit worried , I think I should because  lately I've been skip many class ah I am so lazy to wake up early in morning well actually I want to wake up but I always overshoot hihi , so lazy to chaos then I continue  to sleep. 

I do know why I lose my sense to study , I miss me when I was in matriculation 'boleh tahan rajin ' maybe is been too long I leave it so it needs some time to get back  that sense .

After I perform my Isya' , I don't know I feels very sad it just suddenly . I imagined past stories, I imagined my life story . Thought about death .

Then I remember this .

Maybe this is my luck . I am not good muslimah yeah . 

Afiqah : weh semalam dinner number bertuah hang dapat apa ?
Me : Cer teka ?
Afiqah : Macam buku je .
Me: Tak ah Al-Quran 
Afiqah : Seriously? Woaa hang ta de rasa apa ke
Me : Aku ada dua Al- Quran la 
Afiqah : *Geling kepala 

That time I was fuckin' dumb but now I realized why they said I am lucky . In my bottom heart I feels  that  I don't  deserve all sort of this  thing. I am not a good muslimah . I have done many mistake , lots of sin but how sweet Allah are .  I get the most valuable thing . 

Dear Allah , I am Your servant full of sin. If indeed you please give me guidance to strengthen my heart is fragile, keep all evil away from me this, wipe the whispers of Satan who You curse. Give me strengthen the faith of Islam . Ameen . 

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