Quick update #9
Friday, 18 October 2013 @ 03:20

Time passes so quickly. It's time I returned to sintokoyo, tomorrow morning. Goodbye home

Yesterday , I do have a really great time with my roommate and my course  mate . I wish Farah can join us  it will be more fun .So yesterday we gathered at KL central. I'm from Putrajaya while those in KL. This is the first time we went out together in the KL area and we do have fun time . Let's hang out again someday .

Okay , let me tell a bit about them, know where you deign to make future wife? okay jokes. This akak Yas, why akak ? her  age  is 20, but she does look like 20 right ? Maybe she is too small , yeah I am fat .  STPM leavers in  accountants course . Fantastic. Ever she  given a bid to continue her studies in accountants at Australia  but she rejected the offer because delayed until after she was in sintokoyo. Maybe in sintokoyo is akak sustenance.I am happy to get to know you. She was also one of the reasons we like to bully her, because she is a very gentle. Patience ye akak. She is my course mate .

Next , my roommate 'Shyra ' she is 19 , from  Selangor's matriculation leavers . . My first view of her. She is a pious when I know her more  I feel that I am more ustazah. She  was my good roommate . Do not be fooled by its face looks pretty but violent, violent nature but do not be fooled when there is more softness properties. She is sometimes like leave me alone in the room, very active in the activities. I is so sad . May we can be a great roommates yeah in this year .

Then , this is farah . She really  has a charming smile . Man in Sintokoyo definitely tied with her ​​smile. Many  guy admire at her . 19 too , Johor matriculation leavers . Sometimes I feels we both have same dirty mind ahaha . A very high imaginations . We do have same hobby teased akk yas .   I love to give and she loves to hear the story, it's what she says. What I like about her, she  is a very humble, gentle sometimes be rough with her I just can't do to her . She is funny you know with her face reaction  . Sometimes I wanna pee when look at her reaction and then laugh out loud  . May our friendship stick to the end . My course mate .

we are KLians . Cewah .

Sorry every picture must have a picture I . huhu .

This yummy food called Shimino , Japanese crepes . Japanese sweet tooth .  Not bad . Looks like ice-cream right ? It's an  ice-cream then mixed with fruit . You should try it .

lots of choice! 


Promotion of Japanese goods , so cute but expensive . 

Thanks for a week I do have fun time with family and friends . Everyday I shopping okay! 

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