Finally I am back .
Monday, 14 October 2013 @ 07:57

I thank God this was the first time back to Putrajaya after nearly 6 weeks in Sintok, only God knows the joy of coming home to me, feels like being in heaven. You know how right at home, all things well feel comfortable.

So, how Sintok. Okay la life was not the same at the University like first life in  matriculation . Different circumstances, different people different attitude but even this kind of people I do not care what they say as long as what I do it right and do not harass or inconvenience people for me that's enough.I'm not the kind of people who want to figure out why it did not like me or why people look at me preoccupied. This is me, then keep your mouth shut if you don't know and  stopped evaluate.

I just pray that Allah  may further simplify my upcoming plan , and the introduction of friendships here that I just remain standing until the end. It's fun when you get to know some  friend who 'sama kepala ' and stayed in same state but it also great to met another person for other state we can learn new things and new language . Actually friends is not based on state or status . It depends on our self how to convert with others and communication . Ouh yeah , wish our best for mid-sem upcoming exams .  

Olaas , *capuncap~ (I don't know what this mean in Thailand , but I love to said it hehe. )

Ouh yeah , meet my classmate .Tourism class .  Two  in  front my Thailand friend .
 From left (sunwa and  salmah )
At the back my geng. Forever KLians
From left  ( the ugly  me , akk yasiroh and the smiley farah )

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